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HBO Streaming Service Coming to iPad

HBO are set to make TV and movie streaming available to the Apple iPad and other mobile devices within six months via their HBO Go service.

According to an article at, HBO Co-president Eric Kessler has said that the service will be made available to “all major cable systems, on Apple Inc.’s iPad, on mobile devices and elsewhere,” for no extra cost for their existing subscribers.

So what kind of programs can we look forward to seeing? True Blood is set to be one of the popular choices along with online exclusive rights to feature films from Universal, Fox and Warner Bros, that of which include Jurassic Park, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Night at the Museum: Battle in the Smithsonian and The Informant.

From this, we can probably take on board that the deal between HBO and Netflix is unlikely to take place now, with Netflix already paying HBO competitor EPIX almost a billion dollars for rights to show films from Paramount, Lions Gate Entertainment and MGM.

As you may be aware, Netflix are also another company who are in the pipeline to release a similar application for Google’s Android operating system, and also have their very own Netflix iPad application that expands to several set-top boxes, TVs, Blu-ray players and video game consoles.

Hulu are also expanding their horizons with the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Source: Mashable



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