Halo Reach: Download From Xbox LIVE For 99999 Microsoft Points?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 17, 2010

Halo Reach is scheduled for a release for next month, but for reasons unknown, it has appeared on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 99999 Microsoft Points — roughly translated to $1,250.

This is indeed not the first time this has happened to game way ahead of its launch, but the problem is — even if you did have that amount of available points (or money) sitting around to download Halo: Reach, you still wouldn’t be able to.

As far as we can gather, the game is only there for reviewers to download when they finally get around to their final retail reviews. You will of course, need a special and limited 25-character pre-paid token to download it. It’s either that, or shell out just over $1,000 for a game that is released next month.

I think I can quite safely say that no one in their right mind would want to do so, unless of course, they are out of their minds.

Source: Slash Gear

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