Gamescom 2010: Microsoft and Sony Announcements

Both Microsoft and Sony had their keynote speeches today during Gamescom 2010 and there were certainly a few exciting Announcements. There were a few major products that there were waiting on a release date, so let us see if the Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers got what they were hoping for.

The most important announcement from Microsoft has to be the release date for Kinect for the Xbox 360. We can tell you that the UK release date will be November 10th – that’s on top of the news that Xbox 360 Live will be coming to Windows Phone 7, which I discussed this morning. More Microsoft announcements can be found over on the Guardian Blog.

Sony had much more to offer in my opinion, but I am certain that there are those who would disagree with that. We now know that there is to be another two new editions to the PS3 family, a new 160GB to replace the 120GB version and a new 320GB Move bundle. More on this can be read in our recent post.

Gran Turismo 5 is to get a release date of November 3rd; we just hope that they stick to the plan. Sony also announced a number of more games for Move, Medal of Honor Frontline, and showed off the inFamous 2 trailer. For further details visit the PlayStation Blog who covered every part of the Sony keynote.

Were you more excited about the Sony or Microsoft announcements?


  • berny

    Halo Reach? I felt that it was more that the highest rated exclusive on the XBOX 360 was announced for PS3, what comes around goes around Microsoft >_>

  • marhorn



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