Blizzard Entertainment: Private Server Lawsuit Awards Them $88 million

By Jamie Pert - Aug 17, 2010

WoW creator Blizzard Entertainment have been in a war with Scapegaming, the operator of a World of Warcraft private server since October of last year and have been rewarded with $88 million in damages due to Alyson Reeves implementing a successful micro-transaction system.

In the original court documents obtained by Gamasutra, the documents claim that Blizzard filed the lawsuit in October 2009 that accused Reeves of copyright infringement, unfair competition and circumvention of copyright protection systems, among other allegations.

The unauthorized World of Warcraft server apparently was “well aware” that the actions it was taking were illegal according to Blizzard, who managed to get $3 million from disgorged profits, $64,000 in attorney’s fee’s and a staggering $85.4 million in statutory damages.

Private servers are a well known force in the World of Warcraft gaming world. Most of which are free and can be found on the internet.

But it seems that Scapegaming was taking advantage of the private server system, by offering players the opportunity to level up faster than the original game by receiving “donations” from players in exchange for virtual and rare items depending on the amount donated.

It is not yet known if Reeves would appeal or be able to pay the award to fulfilment after not responding to the suit.

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  • TR00

    Sounds like you're an idiot. You have to protect your copyrights and intellectual property. Go Blizz!

  • Sounds like blizzard isn’t making much money, so they got pissed