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Blackberry Torch is Rim’s Kin: Storm 3 needed

RIM had promised us something new and exiting with the launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (now only $99), but what we got was something totally different. We knew from the start that the specs would not be able to make it a big competitor in a market dominated by performance – maybe this is the reason why sales have been slow.

According to an article on Electronista, RIM has only managed to shift 150,000 units of the Torch handset on its debut weekend – ten times less than the iPhone 4. 150,000 units is still a huge amount, but knowing that you are shifting ten times less than your competitor means that something is majorly wrong.

There are some who say that it does not help being tied to one carrier, but this has not done any harm to iPhone or Droid handset sales. I begin to wonder if the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is Rim’s Kin. Microsoft knew that they had made a huge mistake with the two Kin handsets and pulled the plug to save further embarrassment.

RIM is always at a disadvantage as their handsets have mostly been tailored for the business sector. They have tried on a number of occasions to take advantage of the lucrative consumer sector with the first two Storm devices, but we all know how that went. Now we await the arrival of the Storm 3, as it is needed now more than ever.

Has RIM finally lost Touch? Will the BlackBerry maker ever be able to compete with the likes of Android or the iPhone?



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