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Apple iPad Affecting Netbook Market: Eee PC hit hard

Netbooks were the big thing in 2009 and we had assumed that 2010 was going to be much the same that was until Apple decided to launch the iPad back in January. Since then, the Apple tablet device has been eating into the netbook market share, so much so that Asus has seen Eee PC sales expectations fall short.

Asustek has now had to adjust their target figures for Q3 to just 1.4 million units. Q2 was not that great for the computer maker, not only were sales down for their netbook line, but also for motherboards as well, that’s according to a recent Digitimes article.

Asus is not about to give up on its netbook line, but knows in order to compete needs to shift more of its effort to the upcoming Eee Pad and Note series.

Apple has had the tablet market all to themselves for the good part of eight months now; we just wonder what has taken computer makers so long to jump on the bandwagon? One thing is certain, a tablet device capable of supporting the Adobe Flash Player will be a great threat to the iPad, and there will be no shortage of them.



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