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Age of Empires Online vs. Farmville: Gaming is changing

One of the most popular game franchises from Microsoft was Age of Empires, so is nice to see that they are to revive it. However, this time it will be an online game and will be free to play – although you will have to pay for virtual content.

Microsoft knows that gaming is changing; you only have to look at the success of Farmville to understand that. Age of Empires Online will be available to play via Windows Live. The city will keep growing even if you are not online, so make certain to check back before things get out of hand.

According to Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat, the upcoming online version of the popular strategy game will offer trading, cooperative multiplayer quests and a system that allows you to progress at your desired pace.

The idea of the game is for you to start a village in ancient Greece and then you aim to grow into a huge empire, sounds better than tending a farm.
Will Age of Empires Online compete with Farmville?



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