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160GB PS3 Slim and 320GB Move Bundle Official

Early today we announced that a 160GB version of the Sony PS3 Slim was going to be announced during Gamescom. We can now tell you that this news is now official and that there is also a 320GB Move Bundle as well.

Firstly we can tell you that the 160GB version will be available some time in October and will cost €299, this will be a replacement for the current 120GB version. The 320GB Move bundle will cost €349 and will be available come September – so around one-month sooner.

According to JC Fletcher from Joystiq it has just been announced that the US versions will cost $300 for the 160GB and $400 for the 320GB Move bundle. The latter version will come with a Move controller, PlayStation Eye, Sports Champions game along with a demo disc.

That’s not the only good news to come from Gamescom 2010; Sony announced that Gran Turismo 5 would be released on November 3, 2010. What are you more excited about, the release of GT5 or the new PlayStations 3 configurations?



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