Samsung Galaxy S GPS Problem: Fix being tested

By Peter Chubb - Aug 16, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S users have been experiencing a few issues with the GPS; thankfully a fix for this problem will be ready in September. Carla Saaverda released a statement via Twitter stating that a GPS version is in now in testing, and hopes that it will be available on time.

According to SoftSailer the upgrade will be made available on three versions of the Galaxy S; there is no need to offer an upgrade to the Epic 4G as Sprint has yet to release the smartphone. The Captivate, Moment and Vibrant will all receive an optimization upgrade.

The Epic 4G will be released on August 31st, but pre-orders have already started and are expected to be the best from the Galaxy S range. The handset comes with a 4-inch display like the other three, but offers so much more – such as full 4G and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The price of the Samsung Epic 4G is a little dearer than the Captivate, Moment and Vibrant, but remember that you are getting more phone for your buck.

Which of the four Galaxy S handsets will you choose?

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  • Samy

    Where is the solution to this problem my friend Peter Chubb?

  • tim

    I don’t see why you guys don’t just go out and buy a tom tom a lot better then having to deal with your cell. Not to mention it will save one battery life and you can delete the gps app and save on space on your phone. That’s what I did. And I don’t have to worry about the problem

  • Arif

    My GPS was not properly locking or not at all when i bought new galaxy. just two days ago i attached phone in PC with Kies software. Downloaded firmware update and GPS is working fine now, even software is working faster. GPS locks very quickly as well.

    • Dave James

      Are you in US ? I have the same issue in a new phone in the UK, cannot reach any Samsung support folk.
      Which firmware was it ?

  • JJB

    who is carla sandavar? from her linked-in she looks to be a low level person with no connection to their technology departments, and not even listed as a manger or executive and just out of journlism school. She looks like an intern or one up. How is that credible?.
    Given Samsung has the worst reputation for issuing updates and fixes in the business how do tweets from two month employees at the bottom of the rung merit such a headline? Samsung doesn't have to stand by that "tweet" it at all.

  • Rick

    Lets hope this will fix the issues. I can't get a GPS lock at all for the most part. The times when I do it takes well over 10 minutes to lock and then it is still iffy. This is my first Samsung device and so far i'm impressed shy of the GPS issue.