PS3 PlayTV 2: Release Date Update and New Features

By Alan Ng - Aug 16, 2010

We have some good news for PlayTV owners on the Playstation 3 console now, as Sony has given us an update on when we can expect the successor, PlayTV 2. The good news, is that the new hardware will be available before the end of the year.

According to this report from TheGamingLiberty, PlayTV 2 is scheduled to release in ‘late 2010’. The information has come via a Sony Trade Brochure for Summer 2010, and included some new details about the refresh to PlayTV.

The main improvement seems to be the addition of social networking features, as a quote from Sony states:

”Late 2010 will see the release of PlayTV2, which will be filled with new features and benfits to enrich the viewing experience. Among these will be a host of new social networking functions.”

Furthermore, Sony will be adding HD playback and recording for PlayTV 2, and the new hardware will also be available in more territories than before.

We don’t have an exact release date yet, or an estimated price. We’ll be sure to let you know when we get more details though. What are your initial impressions of PlayTV 2?

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  • Asshat

    Playtv 2

    It’s coming out in spring 2011.

    around about $99

  • Asshat

    you do work for Sony idiot
    stop using immigrant words to describe yourself.

  • SirJun

    The PlayTV 2 update is a complete rip off. Don’t do it. A line needs to drawn or else these blood sucking corporations will start charging for every update. The only reason people have paid the redonkulous £6.29 fee is to get series link, (which should have been a day one feature in the first place!)

    2 years of waiting for series link .. a feature even a budget PVR bought in Tesco has ..and Sony bundle it with unwanted social features to justify charging us for it. Sony can KMA…

    Still considering paying Sony for this update? Then read some of comments on PSN product manager James Thorpe’s Blog

    Sony r the new Apple. Charging for updates that should be FREE. Sony hang ur head in shame. What next? Charging for bug fixes and patches?

    links to more reactions … p/11896392 … 857#M52840

    • Yogi

      They are a company! Get that into your retarded head. You can't expect them to sell you one product and then keep providing you with free shit for the rest of your life. PlayTV came out years ago, and now you want this new product (yes it's a product) for free.

      I'd like to see you put in tons of money and time in creating something (even if it isn't a feature that everyone wants) and then just give it away because they bought the big issue from you once upon a time.

      Hang your head with a rope asshat.

      PS. I dont work for Sony, I'm just smarter than your average bear and know that a company needs an income to cover expenditures! < Rocket science.

  • Mark

    All I want in the new one is an extra TV tuner so I can record two channels at once, and watch a third.

  • A610

    It is probably just a hardware update to enable DVB-T2 and other formats that need a hardware update and not software.

  • leta

    you can pre order it on but there is no details.
    I still wonder what is the link between a hardware with an antenna as input and social networks.
    This silence on the real added function of the hardware is boring.

  • tomhart9

    Just so you know, apparently you will have to pay for the Social networking update, according to someone I know, (who works at sony) Its called Social Plus and will cost like £5 or £10 :/

  • Derek

    I wonder how much work it will be to remove the unused and unwanted social networking features.

    I want to watch and record TV, I have a million other ways to chat to people for crying out loud.

    The brain box's at Sony need a reality check

  • mattD

    Matt is watching top gear on BBC2 through play TV2……….who the hell cares!! what is it with social networking features implimented into everything these days?

  • MarkG

    My PlayTV tuner cost me £30, so I'm not too bothered if a new one comes along that does HD (almost every TV sold today as HD Ready also can't receive freeview HD, so that's a WAY bigger problem).

    PlayTV2 software is compatible with PlayTV hardware, so the new software update will work on both.

  • mushi mush

    what?! i will have to buy new Play TV hardware??? or it is just to download new software?
    If i have to get new one then i wont bother… sick of buying new gear, they have to stop with this!!!