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Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet: Release Date and Price Update

We have a few more details on Notion Ink’s Adam tablet, which Slash Gear leaked details on a few days ago. If you did not see the informative article and demo video showing the Notion Ink Adam prototype, see that here including Notion Ink’s answer to iTunes.

The tablet PC market has seen devices releasing more than anytime before, and Notion Ink believe strongly in their tablet and why you should choose this device above the competition.

After Slash Gear broke the news, Notion Ink’s CEO, Rohan Shravan, confirmed both the price and explained the expected release date. The PQ and LCD variants will come in 3G and Wi-Fi options, with prices ranging from $399 to $498.However, universities and students can take advantage of a $25 discount.

Will Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet be able to compete with the likes of the iPad or the range of other tablet devcies coming to the market?


  • Charles N

    Imneed this so bad
    How come is very hard for this to come in the market
    If any body know the release date please call me at 647-859-0665 ask for Charles
    I am waiting for this for months
    Or email me at Charlesnzube@

  • Psycom

    we didn't miss out on anything with "pre-order" except paying for something you don't have. Today is March 25, 2011and nobody has a clue? And I can get a unit shipped to me next week from the mainland manufacturer that isn't even know to exist yet. Proof of what can and can't be done.

    Sure it sounds great! So does a hydrogen fueled car and house run on a hydrogen pack. Those they can make and we can't get. This is a dream machine and might be ready for Christmas 2011? Meanwhile all those that paid up what are they getting for your money?

  • Abhilash

    has it yet released ? when wud it be ????????????????

  • another

    pre order already sold out, damn I missed it because I don't have visa.

  • Joe

    Im waiting for the adam tablet!

  • Stroinerle

    What will be earlier? My funeral or the product release?

  • Solomon

    Looks a good product, worth waiting if at all expectations comes true. Notion Ink should must deliver a good quality product other wise they cant sustain in the market. Only providing features, is not enough, there should be reliability and durability too, otherwise it would be like china-mobile-handsets, maximum features in minimum price but NO-Reliability at all. 🙂

  • Vicky

    ha ha ha. gud one richard:) expect it ta be out this november. u see, their company was in my city – Hyderabad. but had to shift it to Bangalore cause of Hyd was on th eboil recently with some issues. So, 1 would expect the product to be delayed a bit what with changing offices, delays frm Nvidia 'n all.

  • Richard

    does andy work for apple?

    • ghost guest

      seems that Andy does

  • andy

    Expected – quality problems poor support, company disappeared after one year


    I’m getting fat weighting on this 😉

  • Ben

    must…get…. new… toy…. plz…. hurry…

  • Nikki

    NOw when are they going to release it.Its been ages that i am waiting from to get hands on it.Pls atleast launch it in November 2010..

  • I would wait for this device forever. I m puttin 1 usd every day in my piggy bank. i would hav enough money to buy it off shelf by nov 2010 its release date. Probably more if they lurch further .

  • Dibin

    it will be released before thanks giving. The product was ready but their investers where insisting them to wait until thanks giving. Since they are a start up company they have no other option other than waiting. But they used tis time to improve the product as per CEO.

    • jomo

      yeah bro, its thanksgiving today…no ADAM.

      • roy

        LOL and now its almost Christmas looolol

  • Bart

    I Hope it's netter than THE iPad i'm using to type this post. Yes, all THE typos are "corrections" THE iPad made…

    I can't wait to ditch it and get an Adam to replace it.

  • tobey

    this seems to get realised in 2050!!

  • matt

    Yes but when will it be released within Australia?

  • froggin

    i would wait for this device, heard that will be full 3g + call enable device, so i can swap mi sim from iphone to this 😉

  • Aaron

    Notning like buzz and hype for a product that isn't ready and is getting delayed again and again. If they have such effective project management processes…wonder what the quality and customer service will be like. The only reason for delays is that the product either isn't ready yet or has quality issue.

  • Websurfer

    Is it gonna to be released ever?? The specs look impressive, but will the final product work as well as they claim it'll be?? Notion Ink said it would be released in Apr 2010, then changed to July, in July they say there would be a delay till Aug. And just heard it will be November, and some sites say there's no way Notion Ink will make it on time this Nov due to Schuduling procedure for FCC approval. Like, will it ever be released at all!!? I was gonna to get Adam Tablet, but Apple Ipad starting to look good now. At least I know I can get one right away.

  • it is better than apple ipad


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