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Motorola Droid 2: Signal Problems worse than iPhone 4?

We have some worrying news for those of you planning to pick up a Motorola Droid 2 handset, or indeed if you already own one, as we are hearing reports that the device is suffering from signal problems, similar to that of Apple’s infamous iPhone 4 antennagate.

According to this report from Apple Insider, new information acquired via TechCrunch has revealed that Motorola are dealing with numerous complaints over signal problems with their recently released Droid 2.

However, the signal problems are said to be different to the problems on the iPhone 4, as the Droid 2 apparently drops signal without the need of placing it in the ‘death grip’ as seen on Apple’s handset.

Motorola is yet to comment on the problem, as some users are reporting that this doesn’t affect them – meaning that the issue doesn’t appear to be widespread at the moment – which is a good sign.

Still though, it isn’t good reading for Motorola or Verizon if their handset is receiving negative feedback constantly. What are your thoughts on this?

Can any of you in possession of a Motorola Droid 2 confirm the signal problems? We’ll give you an update on this story later.


  • droids cool when i works

    Yeah first day I got my droid 2. I couldn’t get signal for anything. And all it does anymore is jst cnstantly freeze or the screen goes black. But if u loook closely u can see the statuus bar and that’s it

  • tomcat

    Hi all

    Droid 2 users… The phone does have an antenna problem so every time the unit looses the signal the phone will initiates scanning cycles.. draining the battery.. and some cases locking the OS.. here are some tips I found to be helpful

    1- take the battery plastic cover off
    2- under cover is the antenna contact to the cover use a metal screwdriver and peel the cover in the area the antenna contact touches.
    3- purchase a antenna booster from a a phone accessories realer and placed under the cover


  • I have had the d1 and now the D2 . My new D2 is a replacement only 2 weeks old and it freezes, drops calls and now the screen is on the fritz so bad I cant even read it.. I love Android but so far have had NO luck with the Motorola products. Perhaps tomorrow I will be on my 7th Motorola phone in 6 months..

  • droid2rocks

    I bought the droid2 for me and my wife on release day. Never had a dropped call between the two droid2s. We had at+t blackberry bolds before, those dropped calls every once in a while. Before that we had iphones, those dropped calls multiple times during a long phone call.

    I had a 30 minute long conversation with my client the other day, he has iphone4 in ny. His phone dropped out 5 (five) times during our conversation, and half the time I couldn't understand what he was saying. One time he called back after a dropped call and apologized that he held the phone in the left hand.

    This is of course only my experience, but to date no dropped calls or antenna problems with droid2 (unless of course there is an iphone on the other end). Wish I switched a long time ago.

  • Wil

    I'm NOT an apple insider here – never owned anything but an iPod nano, and I was really excited for my Droid 2. Can confirm that there are definitely signal problems. Sitting stationary in an area with good coverage, my phone's bars fluctuate from 4 bars to 1 sometimes.

    Also have battery issues – phone doesn't last more than 4 or 5 hrs on a single charge.

    Did I just get a Droid from the reject pile or what?

  • EEL

    whether Droid 2 is bad or not is Apple's not problem. Apple should focus on providing the best product without telling the buyer of their product buyer how to use it or restrict what type of music or video platform to use on their purchased iphone. Apple should listen to their customers and resolve the all iphone 4 problems. I love all iphone and their smooth designs but I use motorola droid from verizon because my AT&T phone does not work well from my apartment. Now I love my droid and freedom to use all mp3 and download mp3 on my phone. If don't like your freedom stay with iphone may the dictator Apple company who how you use your own paid apple product.

  • Tom

    Hahaha, Apple Insider? Talk about fanboys trying to do what Steve did. "Look, other phones are crap too." My issue with this whole antenna thing is how Apple treated the problem. They pretty much called iPhone users idiots because they're holding their phone wrong and still these Apple fans are, well, fans (ie. slaves).

  • patrick

    I live in Los Angeles and I have taken my Motorola Droid 2 out into the valleys to go biking and jogging. Never had a problem out there in those mountain areas. All these angry apple 4 buyers are just complaing about any new phone they can because they wasted there money on a bad product from apple( I dont hate apple, but the Iphone 4 was a terrible product to debut from Apple I must honestly say). So stop saying the entire phone from Motorola has antannae problems, becuase there are a lot of people like myself who experience no problem with the Droid 2.

  • Kris

    According to "apple insider"? sounds fishy to me. i have a Droid 2 and it works fine, screen and everything. i charge it every other day and i use it very frequently. get a life apple fan boys, just because your phone sucks doesn't mean you have to make shit up about mine.

    • lol look at he 2 above you
      it seems like you're just a droid fan boy trying to cover up for droid 😛

  • stage3091

    I purchased the Droid 2 on the release date. It needs constant recharging and the signal is dropped and picked up over and over again and the phone is just sitting on a table. I have not seen a complete set of bars yet and often have to recharge two or more times a day or just keep the thing tethered. I can drop to 50% battery after only an hour of usage.

  • Overlook

    My Droid 2 is three days old and I am having terrible screen problems…it went completely black and would not let me do anything. Next day it was on but keeps freezing up??

    • Cuz

      This must be specific to some phones, I had the Droid X and traded it in for the Droid 2 and while the X did seem to get a little better reception the Droid 2 is still better than my previous phone, has good battery life and is nearly impossible to lock up even though I run a lot of heavy duty apps. I have used it in an area with a very weak signal as well as areas with a strong signal and it seems to operate normally in either situation. There are two known issues that impact everyone with a Droid 2 though. It does not corporate sync Exchange Server contact information correctly with ES 2003 and the voice command system is not working through Bluetooth. Hopefully they can patch those two issues pretty quick.


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