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Motorola Droid 2 Review: Criticism after Release

Are you still waiting in line for a Motorola Droid 2 handset on Verizon? If you are, you might want to check out BGR’s first impressions of the device – as you are probably in for a shock if you were expecting a glowing report.

The tech site has given us their first impressions of the device after unboxing it, and reveal that the design actually feels quite ‘cheap’ compared to the original Droid. They even say that Motorola has taken a ‘step backwards’ with the design for the Droid 2 – do you agree with their views or not?

Furthermore, they think that Android 2.2, doesn’t feel like Android 2.2 with the addition of MOTOBLUR on top of it, and that the display screen is pretty much identical to the original Droid – no mention of any improvements over the Droid X either.

All in all, it doesn’t look too good for those of you who were thinking that the Droid 2 is the best phone out of the entire Droid lineup. Take a look at their impressions in full over at BGR.

Do you agree with their criticism of the Droid 2 or not?


  • glenn

    Your review is bunk. Love my droid2. You have got to be a ticked off competitor!!!!!

  • David

    I hate it. No spell check. no way to search email if you are using a microsoft exchange business email account. Might be great for fun but not for my sales force.

  • Paul Pag

    I have be using a Droid 2 for over a month now after using Blackberries for a number of years. I was very excited to find a Verizon supported mobile that had a physical key board as I have lost the sense of feel in my hands so the key movement helps. This mo9bile has been a major disappointment as it doesn't do either the touch screen or the physical key board very well. It is almost impossible to use the key board without touching the screen and it is almost impossible to use the touch screen without hitting either the volume control on the camera button The battery life is poor compared with a Blackberry. All in all a bad choice.

  • Ros M

    Cont'd from previous post…

    Now that I've downloaded quite a few neat (free) apps and learned to set up my home screen to my liking, I am quite happy with it. My biggest problem is that I run down the battery too quickly playing with the games and experimenting with different wallpapers, etc! There are still a lot of things that I need to learn about it, too.

    However, while the keyboard has a decent feel to it, I don't like the way it adds weight and is kind of clunky to use. I usually end up using the virtual keyboard anyway – unless it's for an email or text message. I like the fact that the X has a larger display (and since the virtual keyboard would also be a little larger, I would imagine that I might find it a little easier to use). So, I am still debating with myself whether to return the 2 and get the X instead. I would have to pay a $35 restocking fee, which I don't like but is worth the cost if I end up getting something I like better in the end.

    So, yes, I like the Droid 2 and it works as advertised, but I am still trying to decide whether I should keep it or get the X with the larger screen and better camera.

  • Ros M

    I had really wanted an iPhone because I have an iPod touch and like it a lot. However, although there have been rumors about Verizon getting it in 2011, there were also rumors last year for 2010 and it never happened. Since my "New Every Two" agreement became due and I needed a smartphone, I decided to go with a Droid. Anyway, it seemed a good idea to have both – an Android and an iPod device – so I could compare and get the best apps from both.

    Cont'd in next post

  • b doug va

    I have 1 concern. I just upgraded to the droid 2 and every time i turn off the droid then when i turn it back on the 4 light up menu options are not lit. I have to lock the screen then turn it back on again 4 the menu lights to come on. Is this normal. can i change my settings

  • Dudeman

    This seems a step back for android,

    But I do agree that the screen on the droid X is to big

  • Joe Taylor

    I feel the Droid 2 is an incredible improvement compared to the Droid. I have three complaints about the Droid 1. The keyboard is small and cramped, everyone I speak with complains they can't hear me very well, and the Android 2.1 interface/skin was very choppy, and not very well integrated for a "smart phone". Today, I exchanged my Droid for a Droid 2. All of my complaints were resolved. The receiving end says I sound fine, the keyboard has larger keys, and the Android 2.2 interface/skin feels very fluid and integrated.

    Many reviews say that there is not a huge difference, and I disagree. I think the differences are huge, however, subtle.

  • Liz

    Very, very happy with mine! I loved my Blackberry, wasn't sure how I'd like a "non-Blackberry" phone, but I couldn't be more satisfied. Sorry to see such negative reviews for it.

  • I've only heard good consumer reviews about the phone. I'm sure the reviewer was paid by apple.

  • Charity

    The droid 2 is a great phone as I have one myself. It has the capability of video chat using qik. I have used it several times and also has swype already installed. Its faster than the first droid and when they said droid does this droid does everything……..

  • David

    I still think the Droid 2 is the best mid-size Android phone on the market. The Droid X is superior (better camera, video camera) but the large size of the phone may turn off some people (like myself).

    The Droid 2 (when compared to the Droid 1) is faster, has a much improved keyboard, and more pleasing the the eye with the Gray/Navy Blue look. And the new Moto Blur offers lots features missing in an Android OS.

  • Ginger

    I got one of the first Droid 2's and it is sure working well for me! I could never go back to the Blackberry and it works as well as my iPod Touch which is just like the iPhone except for the camera and phone. I love the way it syncs with my Google calendar and contacts which I in-turn sync with my IMac so it works great on that count too! Some people can't be happy at a picnic and I suspect the above reviewer is one of those!

    • Brad

      While it's good to know that there are people that are happy with the new Droid 2, you seem to be comparing it to devices that are not in the same class. I'd say the reviewer's comments are an indication of how great other current Android products are and not really that the Droid 2 is so horrible.

      • sonyavading

        Like I said this one is great, but if you are an owner of the previous Droid version and you had rooted it to 2.2. The Droid 2 may not be that spectacular to you. Droid 2 Unbiased Impressions

    • Kris

      I agree. the reviewer is probably a bitter iphone user.


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