Call of Duty Black Ops: Killstreaks and Perks – Your Best List?

By Alan Ng - Aug 17, 2010

Over the weekend, we gave you a glimpse of some of the killstreaks and perks that will be included in the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, mostly thanks to the recent trailer released by Treyarch.

If you watch the trailer, you would of seen one new killstreak revealed via the RC car. As you would imagine, this little buggy allows you to control it from a distance, driving it into the enemy for a quick couple of kills. According to, the RC Car is rewarded when you reach 3 kills.

Since Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 was so popular, it is no surprise to see Treyarch following a similar formula with their killstreaks. Over on the website listed above, we hear details on the Care Package, Artilery, Airstrike and Attack Helicopter killstreaks.

Two other new additions to Black Ops will be the ArchAngel – similar to the predator missile from MW2, and the Napalm Bomb – which could be as powerful as a stealth bomber. We don’t know how many kills the Napalm will require yet though.

What are your thoughts on the killstreaks already revealed by Treyarch? Personally, I’d like to see more variety and new content added to the game, not just the same old stuff from Modern Warfare 2 remixed for Black Ops.

Do you have any ideas for new Killstreaks and Perks for Black Ops? We had some great ideas from you for zombie mode, so lets see some more creation for killstreaks and perks.

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  • Justice

    I'd like to see martyrdom back. It made me laugh every time. Grenade indication comes on the screen and people still were dumb enough not to move away from the body.


    i think that if u get a headshot with a 50cal sniper ur head should be splattered all over the place i mean the deaths should be more realistic no wore falling to your knees if u get shot in the head u should be flying back and if u get shot in the arm u should drop ur gun and have to pick it up

    • fredyd

      thats a good idea but i think it would get annoying

  • Young baller

    please bring the Famas and spec ops…. Oh and can you customize guns like putting your name on it?

  • Someone

    Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks SucksSucks Sucks Sucks SucksSucks Sucks Sucks SucksSucks Sucks Sucks SucksSucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Modern Warfare 2 Is Better!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    please,please make silencers have no affect on damage just range like it says it does. and make sniper rifles stronger i hate having to put 2 rounds of a 50 cal into someones chest

  • rjr

    sucks for people who love more fast aiming

  • Hika

    i just dont want them to give you like the best guns first at low level like in modern warfare 2 ump was amazing along with the spas being like the best shotgun and the ak was crap in my opion they need to make it where the best gun and perks will be unlocked last.

  • daniel

    NO i repeat NO grenade lanchers because there are so many noobs out there that just camp with the scar h grenade launcher with commando pro, cold blooded pro and ninga pro

    • tim

      you cant have ninja and commando, theyre both tier 3 perks… duh

  • daniel

    omg why dont they have nuke or anything above that last 11 kill streak thats shit !


    NO GRANADE LAUNCHERS PLEASE do it like cod 5 in S&D, NO hacking, i wuld like to pay for conction in ps3 for a better time with my freinds, THANKS

  • Ferdinand

    Well thankfully now we know commando, one man army, and the tac nuke are out, I hope though that they do something about camping (someone already suggested this) where they would show up on radar or something. Yes and please no quickscoping, oh and you shold be able to run more than 10m and not get tired, what kind of special ops soldier can save the world 999 times and not run for more than 30 feet without getting tired.

  • JOsh Dorgu

    also make it an ALWAYS 1 SHOT 1 KILL WITH SNIPERS pisses me off when i do some cross map no scope and get a shit marker

  • JOsh Dorgu

    PLEASE DONT PUT COMMANDO IN!!!! commando pro no falling damage is alright also bring back the m40a3 and old acog from cod 4 because they were just amazing. Tactical insertions are just soooooooooooo annoying when u go into a ffa and there are peolple boostin for their beloved nuke that there to shit to get

  • meeeeeeeeeee

    i agree with ron, they should add more realism to the games so there'll be no taci knifing noobs and rushers !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    It would be nice if the damage is based on the round not favoritism. Head shots should be a kill. Not bobble head. A M16 will jam like crazy on burst and the 5.56 round is 2,000 joules less than an AK-47but they only gave extra penetration . A vector shoots a .45 round but they gave other .45 guns higher damage. Im not gonna even start with what a .50 sniper round will do to a person. Dual wielding shotguns would seriously fling your arms around if not injure your wrist. Shotguns can reach out more than 20 feet so if they fix it no need to dual. Claymores should take time to setup. Commando and heartbeat are for halo. Only vehicle locking launchers. A mode where you don't heal would be nice. Stun grenades are too powerful on MW2. All of the perks are a whole different story on what should be or not but the game would be loads better with more realness. If you get shot 3 or 4 times your down. You get shot at least once your not gonna be able to stay zoomed in and snipe a steady head shot, or slide in for a stab.

  • Mina

    Didnt they announce that everyone has a mini UAV that tells you if an enemy is nearby?
    like a reverse Scrambler from MW2?


      if you look back in the multiplay trailer,when he has the sniper,look on the radar and you can see like a green circle that pulses and its like a miniature uav,if you played Battlefield 2 in your sniping class you have the sensor grenade ball thing….its sorta like that!!! anyway come check out my youtube channel for sick commentaries and montages and dont forget to subscribe.

    • bob

      yea that would stop campers like if your getting close to them

    • fredyd

      like a heartbeat

  • Evan

    The RC Car should be at least a 5-kill streak. A 3-kill streak shouldn't be something that can kill someone. It should be a UAV or a Counter UAV.

  • stealth killa

    no command or painkiller, if martyrdom is brought back keep as deathstreak cuz its so annoying in CoD4,keep camos,clans,and customizable killstreaks, get rid of F2000, and have more realistic headshots.

  • alex

    someone said hat juggernaut should never come back, well i don't agree. juggernaut is basically the opposite of stopping power, it balances the perks, and it really isn't all that unfair like everyone says

    • jamie

      YE rly fair if i shoot a guy in the face with a sniper they dont die…

  • stealthking01

    cinimatic gameplay..more intensity.

  • ghostrunner01

    addd more STEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CptCrak

    well if treyarch makes the game good and give guns some recoil then they should make an aimbot or no recoil killstreak that last like 30 seconds or something I think that would be cool


      in treyarch games there i too much recoil mw2 recoil was fine

  • andreee

    What about AC130s? Were they even made during this time?

    • shaggy style

      yeah they've been around since WW2,but idk if there gonna be in the game

  • Ben

    NO PAINKILLER, I REPEAT NO PAINKILLER It is so annoying when you spray a full mag into someone with painkiller and they still dont die. But please please please please bring back overkill it is such a good perk and everyone wants it and take out commando but put commando pro in a different perk and also bring back intervention and ump45 they were class anyone agree

    • HoboCrust

      the game is set during the cold war .. the ump n intervention wernt around then

    • TheDeathStreakPro

      WHOOP UMP and Intervention are class! I'm gonna use ballistic knives cause they look amazing. Honestly, I like all the perks like comando and sleight of hand because without them it would be like battlefield

      …"ahh, battlefield rules"… not if its all you've got for 6 months. Bring on COD 7!

    • matt rildley

      Ump is a nooby gun use something that takes abit of skill to use m8 or aint you got none and if you say you have ask for my gamer tag and ill show you skills.

    • orange turtle

      The pro perk for marathon is no fall damage

    • ryan

      yes i agree painkiller is well anoying! youre on a really sick killstreak and then you get killed.whats that all about? its just for people who are rubbish at the game.(plus intervention rules!

  • leviticus501

    How about some new melee weapons? Instead of just stabbing, you could break necks, arms etc. Or at least some different stabbing animations depending on where it is executed from (ie. behind, in front, etc.) A pistol whipping melee would be awesome. More than one throwing knives at one time, more throwing knife options like a throwing machete, throwing axe etc. For Killstreaks, some invisible camo would be sweet, or at least partially invisible, like Predator. How about a chopper that you can actually rope down out of and land on an enemy. Kind of the way the predator comes down but you would start closer to the ground and descend slower. Than you could shoot from the rope line or do an upside down knife kill/neck break etc. How about something different than a grenade. For equipment, a spinning spark spewing dynamite stick or two would be interesting. A throwable tactical insert, instead of being forced to drop it where you light it. And many more!

    • Duncan

      there's a ballistic knife – like the throwing knife but it shoots out a holster straight not an arc.
      You can also pick it up again, it's soo much easier


      with the throwable insertion so many people would just camp on high buildings it we be like highrise but worse because it would be easier

  • Post

    No commando, no stopping power (more choices since its so popular), no faster aiming perk (like sleight of hand pro), only handguns as secondary, only killstreaks between 3-10 (no game changing killstreaks, thats lame), no explosion damage increasing perks, no one man army, no laser guns (ACR), and just for kicks something that will tell enemy players where you are if you camp for too long.

    • Guest

      acr is not a laser gun

    • corey


  • tony

    no juggernault, no commando, no lightweight, no marathon, no tactical knife, no tactical insertions, no grenade launchers, no rocks to hide in, no last stand, no painkiller.
    hopefully no glitches, punishment for cheats, and no hacking so all the leaderboards are ****** up again.
    i doubt they will prevent all of these, but wouldnt call of duty be that much more enjoyable. and i would win 99% of the time rather than just 90%.
    dixie26 free for all king, try me.

    • BOB

      go play cod3 then

    • tankman267

      so what ur saying is therye should be no cod

    • corey

      marathon and lightweight maybe, but i agree with him idc it would teach the other people to get some real skills and everytning would be more fun. gb ftw

    • Jim

      stop complaining and just have fun

  • DuckFrog

    i just hope i will still be able to quick scope

    • THOMAS

      TOO RIGHT!

    • orange turtle

      Im pretty sure in black ops quick scoping will be alot harder because the marothon pro perk from MW2 will NOT be faster ADS (Aim Down Sights).=[

      They do have that perk, im not entirely sure but it WONT have faster ADS on sniper weapons

  • Guest

    They should get rid of Juggernaught, it give people an edge who dont need it.

  • mw2 rules

    the napalm strike is going to stink bcause every1 is going 2 use it

    • buletproof_305

      i know i will 🙂

  • ak 47

    ak 47 is the best assualt rifle ever second best is the scar h

  • guest

    the should have the scar h

  • guest

    I hope they have Bayonets ,ghillie suits as an Option for all Classes, Sniper scopes for Assault rifles,Incindiary Ammmo, and No quick scoping. Also the M14 as an automatic sniper rifle.

    • Your_The_Asshole

      if it was automatic then it would be a sniper dumb ass,and yet to quickscoping,and no ghillie suite for all classes cause in the military only snipers have ghilie suites,and the M14 EBR isnt evern a fucking sniper,its a fucking semi auto assualt rifle like the FAL,so EBR stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle…and it didnt come out till 1983

  • Anonymous

    Dont hate the mp40 is the most overpowered thing ever if its in black ops ill cry

  • dsg

    How many kills are required for the Napalm strike?

    • buletproof_305

      i think 7 or 9

      • joe

        5 actually…..i bought the game weeks ago

  • DMF055

    Also destuctible environment.

  • DMF055

    No Commando

  • in4mis

    dogs should be brought in 5 kill streak gets you a k9 that runs with you.and every one who hates light weight are bad shooters lol aim faster and fast runners dont mean sh!t

  • matt

    think what NOT to bring back I repeat NOT;
    Commando what a load of crap how can you have increased melee distance,
    death streaks there just annoying,
    marathon what a load o frubbish how can you continue to sprint without getting tired,
    no pro perks just normal perks, pro perks are just even more annoying,

    • In real life soldiers actually can run for very long distances so it is realistic. And pro perks were amazing and they really didn’t make a difference but I do agree that commando was rediculous

    • anon

      There is a man on earth that can literally run forever btw

    • danny

      i agree! Unless you have a katana or a larger sword you should not be able to fly with comando

  • blackops 8

    remote control car is cheap u can easily get a multi kill it should b higher up everybody is gonna use it and its gonna annoy the hell out of everyone

    • Wilt

      the explosion probably wont be that big so unless there are 2+ people within probably 4-6 ft next to each other it will be hard to get more than 2 kills per rc bomb.

  • Don't hate!

    I think everytime you prestige you should unlock a weapon from world at war! Unlocking the mp40 etc

    • Mina

      MP40 is already announced

  • brendan

    9 killstreak- reinforcements drops in lets say about 10 computer controlled men to fight for your team

    • No more nukes!!

      Dude that would be so overpowered and every1 would use it and there would be like 40 extra men on each team making the game gay and fucked up like mw2 cos of overpowered kill streaks I mean WTF man

  • paddy

    hope they do away with marathon and lightweight cause mwf2 is not realistic

    • black ops

      Well in real life a soldier is expected to able to run for miles and swim for miles. But marathon and lightweight is a fucking joke! I agree but I think lightweight should stay because by itself it isn't that bad!

      • Ryan

        I heard that marathon and lightweight will be in the same perk, so you could either have one or the other. But i agee that marathon lightweight is a ****ing joke

    • vorey

      nope marathon and lightweight are both still there

    • bradleyyyyy

      Marathon and lightweight are back, although marathon is no longer unlimited and lightweight pro is the exact same from mw2 except it doesnt work on snipers.

  • zac

    last stand can suck crackers

  • afff

    rc car can be easily destroyed

  • Only Thing I Have To Say Is Juggernaut Should NEVER Come Back.

  • ashley

    i think the rc car should be at a higher killstreak coz theyre a bit like predators and people will be getting them all the time

    • Brad

      yeah but most likely if you shoot them they will blow up and like the predators they will be able to be killed while controlling the car.

    • asslick

      it only has a blast radius of a c4 though

  • ezaan

    it is the best game ever i want to say east or west call of duty is the best……………

    • ezaan

      yes it is true

    • it replaces one of the most 'powerful' killsteaks the UAV (spy plane whatever)

      Also not overpowered imo