Motorola Droid 2: Early Upgrade offer from Verizon

By Alan Ng - Aug 15, 2010

Are you desperately hoping to get your hands on the recently released Motorola Droid 2 on Verizon? If you are, you’ll be very interested to know that Verizon has just introduced an early upgrade offer to try and get customers to upgrade to their latest device.

As reported from Phandroid, the Motorola Droid 2 is now available to upgrade at the normal price for anyone with less than half a year left on their current contract.

While this is obviously bad news for those who just bought a Droid X and already want to jump ship, it is great for those with the original Droid and want to see what the successor has to offer.

It is an unsurprising move by Verizon, but also pretty good news for Verizon customers. The Motorola Droid 2 offers some pretty juicy specs, including Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash 10.1 straight from the box.

Will you be upgrading or not?

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  • eddie

    early upgrade offer only applies to people with a plan of $49.99 per month (not including the internet fee) – those of us with the $39.99 plan are not available

  • Boyd001

    I've been anxiously waiting to upgrade to the Droid 2, so I went into a Verizon store last Saturday. I will be elibable to upgrade on Sept 3, with $100 upgrade allowance. I was told the only way I can upgrade earlier is to forfiet the $100 and pay a $20 fee. It's not worth $120 to me, so I'll wait. I just hope they still have a supply of Droids in 3 weeks (almost 3 weeks). Right now they have the Droid 2 in stock, I would expect them to sell out like all the other ones.

  • eddie

    i tried to upgrade with 2 months left, but they told me i was not eligible because that only applies to people with the 59.99 plan, and I have the 39.99 plan

  • Ray

    I owned a Droid 2 for a half hour.

  • Christy

    I was able to upgrade to the Droid 2 and bill it to my account and I have over a year left on my contract.

  • barbara

    I’m traveling in Ontario, Canada and cannot retrieve voicemail. *86 doesn’t work from here (I’m near Toronto). Anybody know how to get voicemails?

    • Kevin

      If you download the youmail app from the market, it can access your voicemail for you (similar to visual voicemail from verizon). It's also free!!! I use it and like it.

    • donna

      You can also dial your phone # on your phone and hit# then go through your normal prompts. I’ve had to do that when traveling. See if that works. Don’t forget to dial your are code with the number.

  • shiloh

    You can upgrade at a discounted price every 12 months, most people don’t know, and if you go to a 3rd party they go ahead and give you the promotion offers plus the rebates. I upgraded in january and I’m eligiable again for upgrade in novemeber….shiloh

  • Brian

    I wasn't eligible for upgrade until next April, but I just got a text from Verizon with the early upgrade offer. You have to pay a $20 fee, and you forfeit the $$ they would have given you towards a new phone had you waited the full 18 months. ($30 in my case) I owned an env touch, so i upgraded to the Droid 2. It's amazing……

  • Tony in Ft Worth

    Do you realize that most original Droid One owners signed a TWO year Contract and we have more than a year left on out contracts? I don’t see how the Droid 2 upgrade offer will benefit us.

  • Brad

    As a matter of policy you can upgrade with verizon after 18 months on your contract which is the same as less than six months left on your two year contract. This is nothing new with Verizon.

    • Tony in Ft Worth

      The first Droid owners still have three months to hit one year and nine months to hit 18. Still no good for this plan…