Five Android iPhone Rivals: Take back control

By Peter Chubb - Aug 16, 2010

Go back a year and the most popular handset was the iPhone, so much has changed over those last twelve months. Apple is no longer the dominate force in the smartphone market that title now goes to Android – thanks to the huge choice of handsets available to users.

Apple has always liked to stay in control of their devices, and up until now consumers have been happy. That was until Google came along and offered people a different choice.

Over the past year a number of handsets running Android have popped up and to most offer something different – Computerworld has picked what they believe are five of the best Android iPhone rivals, and we would have to agree with them.

The five are: Motorola Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid 2, HTC Evo 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible. These five are considered to be the best of the Android bunch with their superb performance to help you take back control for yourself.

For more details on each handset and why they rival the iPhone visit Computerworld. Will the iPhone ever keep up with Google Android?

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  • Lovely ideas, thanks for taking the time to put it up

  • blazer

    am i the only one that thinks there's way to many versions of the droid?
    droid x, droid 2, droid incredible. all of which that have been released within the last month or so… i'm stuck with sprint, and i'm waiting for a newer version of the HTC's evo with better battery life, and an AMOLED screen if they hopefully come out with one by the time my current piece of junk phone breaks.

    • Milind

      You may want to check out the Samsung Epic, if you are bound to Sprint. I have the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile. Both are variants of the Samsung Galaxy S and it’s an awesome phone. Better than the EVO in quite a few areas (including the display, battery life, dlna). The EVO is better than the Galaxy S as well in a few areas (bigger screen, HTC Sense), but hardware wise, the Galaxy S has quite a few features (GPU hardware acceleration etc.) that will make it even better when Gingerbread is released.

      You may want to check out the review at

  • virtuoso

    virtuoso: yes i totally agree now all i want to see are phones with very good hardware sets with the capability to upgrade to versions of android at will without the risk of bricking them a uniform driver system on all devices irrespective of their makers

  • Justin Bieber

    Shouldn't the word "dominate" in the second sentence be "dominant"?