Slickdeals Down: Hours of outage for August 2010

We have some news for you that website Slickdeals is down. The site has been out of service for some time now and there is no news of when the site will be back up. When you try and connect to the site all you see is the server timed out message.

Slickdeals forum site is up and has the message “We are in the process of moving our servers. You will be temporarily redirected to and various * sites. Once your DNS servers update, the url will be back to normal.”

But the site is not redirecting as it should, and you are left with the message screen. Have you tried to use the site since it has been down? And have you tried using a different deals site instead? Or are you going to wait until Slickdeals is back up?

Let us know what site you would use instead.



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