Slickdeals Down: Hours of outage for August 2010

By Gary Johnson - Aug 14, 2010

We have some news for you that website Slickdeals is down. The site has been out of service for some time now and there is no news of when the site will be back up. When you try and connect to the site all you see is the server timed out message.

Slickdeals forum site is up and has the message “We are in the process of moving our servers. You will be temporarily redirected to and various * sites. Once your DNS servers update, the url will be back to normal.”

But the site is not redirecting as it should, and you are left with the message screen. Have you tried to use the site since it has been down? And have you tried using a different deals site instead? Or are you going to wait until Slickdeals is back up?

Let us know what site you would use instead.

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  • Tiger

    Make sure you follow Slickdeals on Facebook. If you had, you would have known to use www3 and that the issue is not on their side.

  • Seems like a regional DNS error.

  • mike

    havent been able to get on since yesterday…its 10:59 8/15/10

    this is unnacceptable lol im not joking.

  • Jerry

    This is working for me but any other URL isn't working.

  • Guest

    Again…. works.

    The url itself *is not* working yet, including redirection to the temp sites.

  • Gest

    this works for me:

    • pat

      just got onto the site with this URL; thanks!!

  • Guest

    Haven't been able to get on all day 8/14/2010.

  • I haven't been able to load it yesterday or today.

  • SDAddict

    Im going through SD withdrawal! Please send help.

  • Marco

    I'm going crazy! Haven't been able to get on it all day!!

  • Steoh

    I cannot connect at all !!!

  • studiocitizen

    Slickdeals is indeed down. I haven't been able to log on all day (Sat. Aug 14). The rest of my internet browsing has been trouble free.

  • Janet

    I have not been able to access it since yesterday. For those that just checked the site, are you sure you are not viewing the cached version? But as Jack says, if he has been using it all day then it must be fine for some.

  • guest
  • Anon

    Hasn't worked for several hours here.

  • jotson

    I manually put the www3 in and it works fine with firefox. Couldn't get in all day until I saw the www3 thing on twitter.

  • Kel_Be

    I just got in on a good deal for a netbook computer that was posted 60 minutes ago. Plus that free coupon for a $10 credit towards dinner at Applebees. Thanks slickdeals!!!

  • Guest

    been out for hours now for me

  • ed


  • David

    I haven't been able to get on Slickdeals all day.

  • George

    I accessed slickdeals a few days ago, a Java box came up, then Internet Explorer crashed and has not worked since, nor does Firefox. They both shut down moments after starting. Maybe slickdeals is down while they fix something?

  • guess

    it only works on internet explore not work on firefox

  • mark has been down for me since early this morning… we are looking at around 10 hours of downtime here. hope they fix it soon.

  • Usedtabe

    Obviously something is wrong, or there wouldn't be articles on it. I haven't been able to connect since yesterday.

  • kim

    I haven't been able to get on all day, so it must depend.

  • Blank Q. Blank

    The URL doesn't respond but the URL works fine.

  • lalaboy
  • joe

    I have not been able to get to the site either

  • KPG

    The site does not work for me. No * that I can guess works either.

  • Ryan

    down for me

  • Tom

    try…. it works…

  • spec

    not working for me for last few hours..getting Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to on chrome

    or connection timeout on firefox..

    iam using fatwallet

  • jerry

    It's been down for me for about 12 hours. I'm a cheap bastard and I don't know what to do!!

  • mamao

    slickdeals is down for me. I'm on verizon FIOS

  • you need to visit their sister site if the site goes down again.

  • when the site goes down just visit their sister site.

  • guest

    Slickdeals is working well for me.

  • Jack

    Everything works here. I been on it all day. Not sure what issues people are having.

    • Bozo

      Its been down all day for me and the alternate does not work either. Its been frustrating. Guess I will be using FW today then.

    • Guest

      been out for me for hours…

  • guest

    There's nothing wrong with the site slickdeals, I am on it and everything's fine. (???)