OK CUPID: iPhone 4 owners more sex than Android

By Gary Johnson - Aug 14, 2010

When deciding what smartphone to buy many people look at options such as what network, specifications of the device, and how much the device will cost. But something most people won’t have considered is that iPhone users seem to be having more sex.

Nick Saint of Buisnessinsider.com is reporting in an article that according to a study of its users, OK Cupid found that owners of the iPhone had slept with twelve partners, compared to BlackBerry owners who have been with the more modest nine partners.

It found that, on average, a 30 year-old iPhone user has had twice as many sexual partners than an Android user of the same age who have had only slept with six. OK Cupid’s male population was not getting as much sex as the women regardless of the smartphone platform. And it was found across all of the age groups iPhone users were the ones getting the most sex.

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  • maybe this will help you with your deciscion

  • Gintonic

    or maybe this just shows Android phone users are more loyal and faithful then Iphone4 users. ;p

  • sonyavading

    More reports about this are surfacing proving that those who can own iPhone 4 are attractive because they have a good financial status. iPhone 4 Users Are The Sexiest People Study

  • DLaw

    Why, because iPhone owners just enjoy things for what they are and accept them. Android users are concerned with being a "conformist" and spent too much time tyring to be different. Blackberry users… they're fine, they're actually just a bit more serious and nothing wrong with that!