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Fivespot global mobile hotspot for Verizon

Those of you that use Verizon’s prepaid mobile broadband know that the 1GB at $50 can go pretty quick, especially for those that love YouTube on the go. Worldwide travelers might want to check out Fivespot’s global mobile hotspot for Verizon.

Chris Ziegler explains in his article that they missed an FCC filing from ZTE, after double-checking they found Fivespot’s device as a non-carrier-branded version. With a little more investigation into the FCC filing user manual, it turns out to be the Verizon device they reported on earlier.

This device will support EV-D and triband HSPA, while replacing the old MiFi. Now they have FCC approval, it will be nice to see a Verizon release date. Did you enjoy using the old Verizon MiFi device?



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