COD Black Ops: Will zombies make it bigger than MW2?

We now know that COD Black Ops is to get a zombies version of the popular game, but we wondered if this would ever be as popular as MW2? Some gamers have suggested no, but maybe we should sit down and think about this a little longer before rushing the answer.

Alan Ng is always on top of all the latest gaming news and shared with our readers that Black Ops it to get a much anticipated zombie mode in November, so just in time for the holiday season – not that you will want your children subjected to all the blood and guts.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is still a superb game, but some gamers believe that it still lack that certain something to make it one of the great war games. As with all games there are always going to be mixed views, I love the modern version of the franchise, I hated it when it went back to old weapons – give me modern any day.

I am certain that there will be a huge debate over this, my collogue believes that COD Black Ops will not be as big as MW2, and I have to agree with him on that one, but what do you think?

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