COD Black Ops: Will zombies make it bigger than MW2?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 14, 2010

We now know that COD Black Ops is to get a zombies version of the popular game, but we wondered if this would ever be as popular as MW2? Some gamers have suggested no, but maybe we should sit down and think about this a little longer before rushing the answer.

Alan Ng is always on top of all the latest gaming news and shared with our readers that Black Ops it to get a much anticipated zombie mode in November, so just in time for the holiday season – not that you will want your children subjected to all the blood and guts.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is still a superb game, but some gamers believe that it still lack that certain something to make it one of the great war games. As with all games there are always going to be mixed views, I love the modern version of the franchise, I hated it when it went back to old weapons – give me modern any day.

I am certain that there will be a huge debate over this, my collogue believes that COD Black Ops will not be as big as MW2, and I have to agree with him on that one, but what do you think?

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  • Brandon

    I like W@W best…. I'm a hip fire all the time guy & World@War has the best hip-fire action!!!…. then I like Modern Warfare1 and then MW2 last………I love all 3, not to bag on MW2…. it's the only game I can go 29 – 6 and the next game go 0 – 6 to start??? Sometimes the kill-streaks from the other team can really wipe you out quick….All 3 are very fun and all get a workout in our house!!!!! 3 HDTV's, 2 PS3's, XBOX 360 & 3 copies of every game and map pack!!!! We take our COD in our household very serious!!!!!! lol

  • Jon

    I think the ggame will be bigger and better the multiplayer looks solid and the campaign looks great 5 stars

  • Fred Bimmel

    I am a camper and a noob tuber. Love it!

  • Ben

    I mean dont get me wrong black ops looks amazing and im picking up the hardened edition first day but mw2 was and probably still is the most played multiplayer game so in order for black ops to top that would be pretty hard. i personally hate mw2 because of all the damn campers noob tubers and everything else that is extremely cheap but i cant put it down its ike iw put some brainwashing program into the game so dont mind wat i said earlier, i love mw2 i hate the fags that play it.

  • Nick

    Most consumers are not smart with their money. They are blinded by the hype and they have the have the game because, after all, it's Call of Duty. I, on the other hand, have been watching Activision's greed grow out of control over the past 12 months and as a result I have vowed to never again buy an Activision game brand new from retail. If I buy second hand then the publisher gets nothing out of my purchase.

    That said, the only CoD game Treyarch has built from the ground up, Call of Duty 3, was the worst in the series to date. CoDWaW was a collection of Treyarch designed maps running IW's game engine, and Black Ops will no different. It's a pass altogether for me.

  • chase

    nazi zombeis was big but new guns new maps new the could put it over the top but mw2 i a good apponte but with mw2 zombie mod you will have to make the srote of crap make costmed kill sreaks like mw2 but make the zombies like like in this ""vide o ''

    • corrector

      dude, if you gonna comment, at least make your abbreviation readable! lolz