COD Black Ops Multiplayer: Killstreaks and Perks

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 14, 2010

Most user sites that are named after games are subject to take down notices, and can consist of spam, but seems to be one that most users will find useful, especially Call of Duty Black Ops fans.

They are a work in progress that aims to list all the COD Black Ops killstreaks and perks, as and when the information is made available. So far the details are limited, but it’s certainly worth a read with the list of perks and killstreaks increasing each week.

Zombies in Black Ops should make the games lastability longer than MW2, which lacked the popular mode. We have listed a video below that also shows some possible kill streak rewards.

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    hey cod fans im from treyarch and if u need any questions awsered post em here n i’ll get back to ya’ll.

    • garrett

      what is the killstreaks?

  • thomas

    my m8 told me that car bomb only kill 1 enemy but i thorght it killed 2

  • Since this is the Vietnam era – they will have a kill streak where Marlon Brando runs out and chops the arms off of the enemies team and puts them in a pile – I've seen the screenshots!

    • John

      so we have to squirm along like a worm and shoot with our teeth?

    • Duncan


    • Star Carlton

      Yes – there is also a killstreak where a skinny Lawrence Fishburn rides up on a swiftboat and sprays lsd on the enemies – kind of like a flashbang and stun grenade all at once. The screen just fills up with psychedelic colors.

  • umar

    if theres no nuke, theyd probably put something equivalent to it???

    • Umar's Father

      No Dumbass

  • Nate

    The camera at the beginning of the video cannot and is not a killstreak because the game is starting and he gets first blood! Its probably equipment or something. U can see it on the bottom right of the screen( up on d-pad)

  • bubbuh long

    they will not bring back dogs they would suck and tanks are just plain stupid and there will be a nuke duhh

    • MIKe

      Yes of course there will be a nuke!!!!

      Oh wait, nowhere isn’t cus trey arch already said no nukes oh yeah!!!

      Fail of a comment!

    • will

      theyve already decided not to stick a nuke in because they thought an end game killstreak ruined the game

    • Star Carlton

      There are dogs – it is confirmed

  • lol

    yes, because they definetly had harrier jump jets in vietnam…

  • chedderbob

    ye i think napalm and the car bomb is gonna make matchplay pretty exiting…

    • biatchhh

      Car bomb its called RC-XD

  • 2ez

    napalm strike would make more sense actually…….

  • James

    First of all, old news, and second of all, the explosion at the end of the video is actually a napalm strike. NOT any of the things mentioned in the brackets.

    • Joo

      Your an idiot

      • Not an idiot

        He's actually right, you're the idiot.

        • B—E–Z

          Lol Yeah James You Are An Idiot.