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New iPhone 5: What’s needed for 5G in 2011?

The iPhone 4 is just under two months old and already there is talk of the iPhone 5, but what do you think is needed for the 5G version of the Apple smartphone? We have had a few suggestions emailed in, some of the features wanted include:

Impressive performance, so the A4 processor will need to run at 1GHz at least to compete with the range of Android handsets on the market.

The second feature wanted is a Retina display + AMOLED, I am not certain how this will work, but it has been suggested that battery performance will be increased.

The next is a high-resolution camera along with a high-performance Xenon flash. The biggest feature wanted has to be a battery that will last the whole day. Not certain if this will ever happen, and has no chance if this will be a full 4G version.

The storage has always been a bit of an issue, Apple kept with the maximum 32GB storage, but the iPhone 5 could start off at that and go up to 64GB. However, there are a couple of reasons why Apple could go with a smaller storage capacity, the first is by offering expandable storage and the other is that iTunes will launch the their cloud system – so not much storage will be needed.

The last feature wanted with the iPhone 5G is better build quality, meaning no issue with the antenna– the issue that has caused a huge headache for Apple since the launch of the iPhone 4.

These are just a few suggested features, what else would you like to see on the iPhone 5?



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