New iPhone 5: What’s needed for 5G in 2011?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 13, 2010

The iPhone 4 is just under two months old and already there is talk of the iPhone 5, but what do you think is needed for the 5G version of the Apple smartphone? We have had a few suggestions emailed in, some of the features wanted include:

Impressive performance, so the A4 processor will need to run at 1GHz at least to compete with the range of Android handsets on the market.

The second feature wanted is a Retina display + AMOLED, I am not certain how this will work, but it has been suggested that battery performance will be increased.

The next is a high-resolution camera along with a high-performance Xenon flash. The biggest feature wanted has to be a battery that will last the whole day. Not certain if this will ever happen, and has no chance if this will be a full 4G version.

The storage has always been a bit of an issue, Apple kept with the maximum 32GB storage, but the iPhone 5 could start off at that and go up to 64GB. However, there are a couple of reasons why Apple could go with a smaller storage capacity, the first is by offering expandable storage and the other is that iTunes will launch the their cloud system – so not much storage will be needed.

The last feature wanted with the iPhone 5G is better build quality, meaning no issue with the antenna– the issue that has caused a huge headache for Apple since the launch of the iPhone 4.

These are just a few suggested features, what else would you like to see on the iPhone 5?

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  • Julius

    It will read any we'd pace we go like a actual computer. Or be capable of downloading flash player so we can go on sites that uses that technology.

  • Victoria

    there should be a sliding keyboard!!!

  • David Murray

    How about 3D? The new Nintendo 3DS will be out in March 2011 and with lots of games films and 3D TV's flooding the market it would be nice to see Apple leading the way for a change.

  • Ron

    i wonder when this could be released. specifically in Singapore. we will look forward on this.

  • Rikimaru

    In the hardware side

    1. 1GHz

    – not underclock

    2. AMOLED

    3. 64GB

    – entry model ($99) is also 5th gen

    4. Xenon flash

    – or dual LED

    5. USB 3.0

    – to sync faster

    6. Resolve the issue

    7. White version at lunch

    – entry level also

    For the iOS 5, I want

    1. The ability to delete each recent call

    2. Show carrier of each contact

    – so that I can trace how many min left for each carrier. 

    3. Manage contact in SIM card

    – no way to get info into SIM and move to other phone

    4. Block SMS and incoming call

    – put them into a junk SMS or whatever you call

    5. Trash app to bring back deleted file

    – like Time machine, find photo, SMS, 

    – Option to set security password

    6. Call over wifi like iPod touch

    – don’t have to pay for extra phone bill

    7. Wifi, USB, Bluetooth tethering which get Internet not only from cellular data but also wifi


    – share Internet from 3G via USB/Bluetooth/wifi

    – share internet from wifi via USB/Bluetooth

    8. Save game into something more reliable

    – so that the game can resume after reinstall it (Is this feature in game center?)

    9. Show calendar, notes or any third party apps that have notification at lock screen

    – jump to app when tapped

    10. Option to close all opened apps

    11.  Ability to run Android

    – Like bootcamp to run windows natively

    – get 250,000+200,000 apps on your iPhone

    12. Use as magic trackpad via USB

    13. Integration with Facebook

    – make everything work seamlessly

    Ex. upload photos, Facebook contacts

    14. Swipe keyboard

    – Since Android copy pop-up letter keyboard, why not copy their Swipe

    15. Voice keyboard

    – very dangerous to use iPhone while driving so let’s copy Android again

    16. **Get rid of that “Open in iBooks” button while open PDF in Safari

    – it makes the screen smaller

    17. More general Thai keyboard

    – it is very hard to use

    – I will tell you how I feel

    It feels like the letter a, e, i, o and u are grouped together in one button.

    When you need ‘o’ you press and hold and swipe your finger to that letter and it register. 

    18. Orientation lock in landscape too

    – now it allow only portrait lock

    19. Capture video screen shot

    – for demonstration

    – since iPhone has multitasking so it can do this

    20. Load my own created apps on my iPhone without $99 per year

    – it is nonsense to charge myself for my apps

    21. Last but not least “Flash player”

    – it will make Safari the best browser

    – option to turn flash off to preserve battery life

    – but let me decide

  • Sean

    Im ready to buy the G4 but with talk already in the air about apple going to release the G5 some time next year. My question is, has anyone got an idea when the G5 will hit the market and should I buy the G4 now or wait till the G5 hits the market ?

  • apple

    is it true that iphone5 is coming out on 2010?

  • James Jasper

    Juangrande. You can go back to kindergarten now and maybe look for a new hero other than AAPL. Get a life son.

  • juangrande

    "The biggest feature wanted has to be a battery that will last the whole day. Not certain if this will ever happen"
    I know several people who own the new iPhone 4 and they say the battery is awesome! and my friend just told me yesterday it goes all day and then some. So you can take that off your wish list. I was just at the Comic Con with friends and I had my old 3G and they both had new Droid HTC's and I was using my camera all day and also image editing apps and my battery didn't die. They used their cameras less than me and no other apps and they drained their batteries fast.