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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Release Date: IE plays catch up

The official release date for Internet Explorer 9 Beta has remained a mystery for some time now, but on September 15th we will know more, as this is the day that Microsoft will officially launch the new browser. Details are still very scarce, so this next month cannot come quick enough.

In order to use IE 9 you will need to have Vista or Windows 7, anything older and you are out of luck. Microsoft has put a lot of time and effort into this latest browser, but they have a way to go to play catch up to Chrome as well as Firefox.

The Beauty of the Web official website explains that a special gala is to be held in San Francisco, which you can R.S.V.P. Not everyone is invited though, only certain VIP bloggers, designers and developers.

There are only a few places, and we are certain that all have now been filled. However, before they received their invite they had to solve a small puzzle first, just to get that brain working.

Will IE9 be able to compete with Firefox or Chrome?



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