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HTC Schubert / Motarz Windows Phone 7: Spotted

We know that HTC are working on a range of Windows Phone 7 handsets, which we offered you a list of codenames for, but we now have news that a new handset has been spotted in the world. However, we are not certain if it will be called the Schubert or Motarz.

These latest codenames has added even more speculation as to what the name of this handset will be, but this is the process that all phone makers go through before launching a new handset. We have already seen the Schubert, and this Motarz looks to be the very same phone, that’s according to Chris Ziegler from Engadget.

However, although the two look identical on the outside, there could be subtle differences to the hardware – so we could still be seeing two different smartphones here. Maybe these two handsets are destined for different countries?

Windows Phone 7 has a tough hill to climb and is the last chance that Microsoft has in stopping the juggernaut that is Google Android, something that even Apple and its iPhone is unable to slowdown. See more photos of this phone on PockerNow.

Will WinMo 7 be a success?



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