Eedoo eBox: Xbox 360 and Kinect Knockoff

By Peter Chubb - Aug 13, 2010

Microsoft hopes that its new motion-sensing device the Kinect will be able to take on the Sony Move come November, but as always a Chinese knockoff called the eBox is set to go head-to-head with the official new Xbox 360 console and its add-on.

The new Eedoo eBox device must have been watching Microsoft carefully in order too not only launch a new console but also a device that can track the user’s movements. We know that the knockoff will be cheaper, but that will reflect in the build and performance quality.

Darren Murph from Engadget learned from Interfax that the cloned device will be unveiled in November and will be released early in 2011, but we have no details on pricing. There is a video below that shows you the device, and we can see that the console is very slim and has a glossy white finish.

We do not know if there will be a black version of this, or any other color option, but we will find out more come November. How will the eBox compare to the Xbox 360?

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  • marhorn

    Why dont you report what everyone else is? that Xbox is on top! instead you think of ways to slur the name! rivalry is what sets high standards and pushes each other to their peak,

    JUST GIMME HALO REACH!!!!! report on the fact that Reach has more than 60 assassinations and will be EPIC!

  • ddd

    to say that the move is a knockoff of the wii because its a motion sensing controller is like saying the wii is a knockoff of a ps2 because it has a joypad available lol. noone goes on about consoles all having joypads why the big deal about motion sensing controllers… yes the move is similar, of course it is. the wii has been fantastically sucessfull and its more surprising that its taken sony and microsoft so long to produce their own version. if the kinect and move are successfull itll be a safe bet that all new consoles will have some kind of motion controller available from now on, just the same as they come with joypads

  • marhorn

    Ahhhh same old stuff huh guys? The top news on google for Xbox is that it is beating everything else! do you have report of a knockoff of the move? no because move is a knockoff of the wii!

    • Low

      ^^ I promote this man!!!

  • marhorn

    Ahhhh same old stuff huh guys? the top news on google for Xbox is that its doing better than everything else! how about reporting on that? Can you report on a knockoff for the move? No because its a knockoff of the wii!