Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode Confirmed by Gamestop?

By Alan Ng - Aug 13, 2010

We have some exciting news for Call of Duty fans now, as it looks as if we have yet more unofficial confirmations of the inclusion of zombie mode in the upcoming Black Ops game, due out this November.

As reported from the CodBlackOpsBlog, GameStop has revealed some of the special editions that gamers will be able to pick up, which include the Prestige Edition and Hardened Edition for the game.

Customers have noticed that an added bonus for the Hardened Edition of the game, is four Nazi Zombie maps from the last World of War game, which have been revamped for use on the Black Ops game engine.

On another website here, GameStop has seemingly confirmed this as accurate, so it looks like zombies is definitely on the way. Here is the portion of text which accompanies the Hardened Edition:

“Four exclusive zombie maps from World at War updated for the Black Ops engine ($15 value)”.

Personally, I hope that they add some new zombie content to Black Ops, not just remake the old maps for Black Ops. Otherwise that would be a big let down in my opinion, and a lazy job by Treyarch. Don’t forget that this is still unofficial until it’s confirmed by Treyarch – we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Give us your thoughts on this guys.

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  • $$$$$#####$$$$$d

    the game is cool but the graphics suck

  • sean

    who ever doesnt get black ops or atleast play it wether its got zombies or not is not a true gamer m8 and thats all there is to it

  • Cody

    Well here is my wish list type thingy.

    1. At least 1 (hopefully 2) new zombie maps, along with the possibility for the new guns from Black Ops to be used on the old WaW maps.

    2. Well Treyarch is good with weapon balancing, so I'm hoping just like WaW all of the weapons are balanced and nothing like MW2.

    3. Although multiplayer on MW2 wasn't great, just the variety of challenges and new ideas brought into the campaign was excellent, even if the story wasn't the best, the campaign was still so fun, and I hope some of the ideas from MW2 are incorporated into Black Ops(I did see motorcycle riding on Black ops, not gonna lie totally amazing)

    4. The game is amazing as it looks, yep my final wish is that. The game looks so fun just with wager matches, the campaign, multiplayer, hopefully zombies, and theater. Really hope it lives up to what I'm hoping it is, and not just like MW2.

  • Hahhzkakhsjsr

    I have seeder preorderd black ops zombie mode

  • Everett

    black ops will have zombies. hardened and prestige editions will have the 4 original WaW zombie maps just with different guns. Plus there will be new zombie maps that were made by black ops in addition to the WaW zombie maps.

  • Black ops need zombies in a sort of way to make alot of money without Nazi zombies it won’t even make as much money as MW2 (modern warfare 2 ) so I will still buy it if no zombies I will still buy

    • ant

      It will make more money than MW2 whether it has zombies or not because at least 50% of MW2 buyers think that game sucks. So they will buy this game when they see how much better Treyarch is at making cod games. Plus Treyarch will get new buyers because there are those that didn't buy MW2 because they stuck with cod 4

  • zack

    way better then mw2 i tested it graphics,gameplay,and zombies are all better in blackops multiplayer is actuly challenging for once

  • BigRed4Life

    Treyarch would be stupid to not to make a zombie mode in Black Ops. Plus they care more about their fans then IW so I'm sure it will be in the game.

  • BigRed4Life

    Treyarch would be stupid to not to make a zombie mode in Black Ops. Plus they care more about their fans then IW so I'm sure it will be in the game.

    Nazi Zombies FTW!!

  • ted

    if there are no zombies i will be lost. i will not buy the game cuz treyarch sucks with out zombies… i love zombies. if they dont add it i will be mega pissed

  • Preston

    I just wanted to say that if black ops guns and firing mechanics resemble anything like mw2 I’m not buying. Mw2 sucks balls and is for either babies or noobs. Waw is sick…. And modern whorefare is the gayest game ever made. If you like it u r a drone. Goodbye 🙂

    • x5i hate campers

      cod 4 was and still is the best cod game

  • LoboTampa

    They need nazi zombies or i camp with knife

  • ricky122345

    alines will ruin cod black ops,or thats my taste

  • MuffinMan71

    they better have zombies and new maps with modern guns in it



  • guest

    its possible that they will only include the MAPS and not the actual zombie MODE.

  • beane13

    i am not buying the game because of zombies but if it didn't have it i would be really disappointed

  • guest

    just think about this. theres lvl 1s playing nazi zombies because

  • Ash

    Im getting hardened edition for zombies mainly (and the nice case) because ak47 may be on say der riese? Or nacht der untoten?

  • bob

    if there is no zombies i am not buying

  • nazi zombies player

    guys how much will cod special edition be i need to no and with just normal black opps how many maps will there be

  • luke

    still good with out zombies. gonna be beat mw2 very very easily, mw2 sucked

  • matt

    confirmed by treyarch guys jd twittered it

  • alex

    wait is zombies only on hardened edition i need to no now please

    • i am jon

      no if you get he special editions you get extra maps so dont get worked up about it

    • luke

      no they are just the WaW zombie maps added on

    • beast

      hardened and perstige

  • david

    yeah i saw the gameplay and i was amazed and if there nazi zombies i will be super happy!!

  • Chris

    I think that if they add old maps even with the new black ops engine it will be the same, unless they add all of black ops guns not waw guns, but still i want to see new maps even if it cost like $20 bucks but other than that im more excited about this one then i was with mw2

  • teddy bear f buddy

    They need to add zombies or atleast aliens because the last cod game was a let down by many milestones they just need to pick up the slack

  • codcodcod

    game looks good without zombies , wont be as good as modern warefare 2 on multiplayer but zombies will make it a better offline game and will give people more choice of game types to do online.

    • thatguy

      modern warfare 2 good? lol

    • Huh?

      Modern Warfail 2 is not good. Sorry

      • Juan Soto

        i second that

    • yeah

      mw2 online freaking sucks.. i still play it but its like the worst of all cod games

  • rob909

    gameplay looks good enough zombies would just be an extra to me

  • jamie

    treyarch should know that if there is no zombies mode added to black ops than all they will be doing is losing millions of buyer’s its that simple

    • guest

      yeah not true… the game looks great! even without zombies, im buyin!

    • forrest

      so true

    • bob

      dam right man, lots of people love zombies in waw and im only gettin black ops for zombies. If no zombies in black ops im not buyin

    • JJs

      there is 2 new zombie it free !!! and there a new! zombie they com down from wall and if u r to close u turn red.!

    • HWD510

      there r to new zombie map. and a new zombie it a crawaler and it com down from the wall and if u r to close u well turen red

      • $HAYWARD$

        i see it! it cool! kino der totin