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Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode Confirmed by Gamestop?

We have some exciting news for Call of Duty fans now, as it looks as if we have yet more unofficial confirmations of the inclusion of zombie mode in the upcoming Black Ops game, due out this November.

As reported from the CodBlackOpsBlog, GameStop has revealed some of the special editions that gamers will be able to pick up, which include the Prestige Edition and Hardened Edition for the game.

Customers have noticed that an added bonus for the Hardened Edition of the game, is four Nazi Zombie maps from the last World of War game, which have been revamped for use on the Black Ops game engine.

On another website here, GameStop has seemingly confirmed this as accurate, so it looks like zombies is definitely on the way. Here is the portion of text which accompanies the Hardened Edition:

“Four exclusive zombie maps from World at War updated for the Black Ops engine ($15 value)”.

Personally, I hope that they add some new zombie content to Black Ops, not just remake the old maps for Black Ops. Otherwise that would be a big let down in my opinion, and a lazy job by Treyarch. Don’t forget that this is still unofficial until it’s confirmed by Treyarch – we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Give us your thoughts on this guys.



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