BlackBerry Storm 3 vs Torch 9800: Specs Compared

By Jamie Pert - Aug 13, 2010

With the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 available from AT&T many BlackBerry fans are probably tempted to upgrade to RIM’s latest creation, however others may wonder if it is worth waiting for the Storm 3 instead.

Sadly we have no confirmed specifications for the Storm 3, however recently leaked information showed up Engadget, which seemed to hint at what we can expect from RIM’s next touch only smartphone.

Lets start with the obvious difference, the Torch has a slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard whereas the Storm 3 relies on a virtual QWERTY keyboard, incidentally the Torch features a virtual keyboard as well as a physical one.

Software wise they both run BlackBerry OS 6.0, obviously both operating systems will be customized to suit the particular device it is installed on, however feature wise they should be very similar. Both devices will also feature RIM’s new Webkit native web browser, which is said to be a great improvement on previous versions.

Spec wise they are pretty similar, they both feature 802.11n WiFi, 512MB RAM, 5 megapixel camera and support for a 32GB memory card (we presume microSD). There are two main advantages that the Storm 3 will have over the Torch 9800, firstly it will be a World Edition smartphone, secondly it feature 3G mobile hotspot functionality.

Physically the Storm 3 will probably be thinner and lighter than the Torch (due to the slide-out keyboard), we have no dimensions for the Storm 3 yet, however we know that the Torch 9800 weighs 5.68oz (161.1g) and measures in at 111mm (148mm when open) x 62mm x 14.6mm, therefore expect numbers lower than these.

It is hard to go into more detail at the moment, therefore as more Storm 3 specs come in we will keep you posted, what do you think you will choose the Storm 3 or Torch 9800?

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  • eduard gonzalez

    I agree the torch is way better than the storm or any other BB so far, however it's far more expensive than the new curve and the storm 2 I'd really like to get a torch but I can't afford it also if I had that much money I would seriously get an iphone 4

  • Alexis

    I recently bought a BB torch and its the best phone iv'e ever had! No regrets! it has the best of both worlds with the touch screen AND qwerty keypad! the internet is really fast so it's great for on the go socialising, the flash camera gives you clear photos every time and the battery life is by far the best out od the other BB phones! My mum has a BB storm and in all respects the BB torch tops it! Dont hesitate about buying the torch because i can promise you that you'll have no regrets within your purchase of the torch!!! xXx

  • Jon

    I upgraded my Blackberry Curve 8900 to a Torch 9800. So far I really like it a lot. The torch gives us the best of both worlds (virtual keyboard and slide out keyboard). I had my Blackberry Curve for 2 years so I'm used to the buttons….my fingers are too big around to use the virtual keyboard, but its there in case i want to use it…The Torch is a little bit longer than my blackberry curve was, which i don't like….the storm and Iphone both are bigger, which i don't like. All in all I really like the Torch….its a 3G phone too so web access is faster. Great phone!

  • kelvin

    does blackberry 9500?wi-fi capable??

  • Carlos

    I have the Torch from work and I love it I had the storm and the bold before and I like the hibryd fetures of the torch. I ove my perosnal phone more though. Iphone4 yes!!

  • anonymous

    Does the storm 3, have a slide out keyboard as well as a touch one?

  • I own the Torch, but my roommate has a Storm 2. SurePress is nice. I almost wish the Torch had it. However, with BB6, you don't need the click, especially when you have a trackpad. With some similar specs (same RAM, same storage, same camera), I'd think it could come down to HOW you orient the phone when you type, landscape or portrait, and one hand or two? The Torch is set so that you generally either the "real" keyboard with two hands or you leave it closed and use the virtual keyboard with one hand, but always held vertically. Does this accommodate you, or would you rather rotate it in your hands and use a wide virtual keyboard?

  • Techboy1980

    i have a bb tour and a bb torch. my dad has a storm. the torch blows the storm outta the water.
    the touch screen is better, the trackpad is awesome, and the slide out keyboard is amazing.
    Everyone is allowed their opinion, but try a torch out for a day, and you'll see what i mean. It's by far the best bb out there.

    • gdh

      Thanks TB1980! Your comment sounded pretty level-headed. What are the dimensions of the screens for both the Torch and the Storm?

  • jp storm hater

    First of al jp wateva that is bu*****t. Anyone in their right senses would pick any storm over some touch slide chinese looking phone. No offense to blackberry but any storm kills the torch any day

    • jp storm hater hater

      lol he didnt even mention the torch. and he's probably right haha

  • JP Storm

    Be warned that the Storm 3 is really a Storm 2.5, Its a refresh of the Storm 2 to able to run OS6.

    Storm 4 is where the big changes will come……….. Probably too late though.

  • peterd

    I use my BB strictly as a business tool. I found the Torch very uncompelling. Have played with it for about an hour the browser was slow at times and the keyboard a step down from the 8xxx and 9xxx models. The accelerometer response was uneven. Screen resolution was a disappointment with text not crisp. The multitouch was good not great. Most of the lackluster performance is due to a 624Mhz processor which positions the Torch a generation or two behind what is considered "state of the art". To move on off my present BB to another the Storrm would have to address most or all of these issue. With it's market share start to slide Balckberry will need a fairly impressive Storm 3 . If not than the Microsoft Phone 7 which should handle enterprise email well and have solid Office apps could seriously take a large chunk of the business away from BB. And that is their core competency. I agree this is most likely the best BB but it is just not a compelling product. You just need to look at the lack opening day buzz to see the proof.

  • Jessie Woodberry

    I'm waiting on Storm 3 in spite of everyone around me being crazy about their Droid. It would suit me if it had a mouse and pointer where you never had to dirty up the screen. I was able to get briefly aquainted with the Storm 2 and was tremendously impressed with it. It zooms through pictures, texts well, takes pictures or video in the middle of a text to add to that text, copy and pastes, mutiple select to delete things. Far, far better than your average phone. It does browse slower than the Droid but so what. Your not going to spend your life on the web on the phone. The faster the processor the faster the battery goes. I think I'll go ahead and get an extra battery for my Storm 3 when I get it, just to be prepared. I could care less about games and lots of apps. Thats just me though.


  • Vickie

    I’m a Storm 2 owner and I love this phone. When I first found out the Torch was going to AT&T I wanted to cry. Not because of the slide out keyboard but because it has everything the Storm 2 has plus even more and better. Now with news that Storm 3 is in the works you can bet I’ll be one of the first in line to grab it up when it’s released to Verizon.

  • Tony

    Storm 3 is my hope….don't like slide-out keyboards, esp. those that slide out on long axis–makes difficult to hold.

  • Dan

    I still like my first-gen Storm, but I'm looking forward to the new Storm with wifi (I know the Storm2 has it, but that's really the only improvement I can see). I know a lot of Storm-haters that will love the Torch, though, too.