Bioshock Infinite: Trailer, photos, and 2012 release date

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 13, 2010

Irrational Games held a press event at The Plaza in New York on August 12, the event saw the unveiling of BioShock Infinite for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows. The new BioShock game is expected to have a release date somewhere in 2012.

You can see photos of the BioShock event over on Irrational Games, and if you’re a big fan, you may want the BioShock Infinite desktop wallpaper. The BioShock Infinite trailer can be seen on the official website, which follows the story of a man in 1912 who is on a mission to rescue a woman from a city in the sky.

The official site at also features the latest news on the games development, a gallery of photos, and a 145mb download of the 1080P MP4 trailer. The game introduces a new gameplay experience, and will engage in combat amongst the clouds and indoor, you can read the full synopsis here.

What do you want to see from BioShock Infinite?

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  • Solo

    absolutely brilliant, imaginative, wonderful and involving .. totally everything you would have expected and wanted after Bioshock and it's wonderful undersea world. The Gameplay sample is great and the detail level is as impressive as the original. I never bothered with Bioshock 2 as it seemed like just doing the same thing again but this completely wild imaginative creation is a worthy successor. Long may they continue to invent new Bioshock's in this way

    • nathan

      bioshock2 is waaay better than the first i srsly reccomend u play it

    • theTOM420

      no, nathan's wrong. Bioshock 1 is the best game i've ever played in my life. Incredible story, original gameplay, and a refreshingly new structure of how video games can be made. The company 'Irrational Games', which was the main studio involved in the development of Bioshock 1, did not contribute at all to Bioshock 2. they instead, handed the project off to 2k games, and immediately began to work on Bioshock Infinite, which was code-named 'project icarus' at the time. They've been working on the game even through Bioshock 2's release. Bioshock 2 was.. alright. There were a few holes in the story and few visible flaws in gameplay. In the start of the game when you see your reflection, you're a Rosie. But at the end of the game when Eleanor is looking at you, you're an Alpha Series. That's just one example. It was nothing compared to the first, and in my opinion, 'Irrational Games' is the only company that can create true Bioshock games.

  • steve

    no way a city in the sky and the autobodys and wat i can only say are little brothers are wicked

  • a concerned gamer

    a city in the sky doesnt seem very scary. The clouds(and is that a rollercoaster?) make it seem almst happy. plus culdnt ppl look up and say "hey wats that completely obvious floating object in the sky?" ah well the game will probably be amazing but at the moment the idea of a floating city is super flawed