White iPhone 4: Orange Email Signifies Christmas Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Aug 12, 2010

For those of you who are hoping to get your hands on a white iPhone 4 this year, Orange have given customers hope by sending out an email clarifying that the device would be “available to our UK customers when it’s launched later this year.”

Although it does not confirm all that much, it seems logical that Apple would try and get the device released before the year is out, just in time for the Christmas holiday season. A report we did back in July covered Apple’s official statement that the device would not be released until “later this year.”

Apple did infact admit in June that they were having manufacturing issues, with reports suggesting that the heat produced from the device was turning the white iPhone 4 to a shade of yellow.

With T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone also still not responding to emails sent for confirmation, we are still left a tiny bit baffled by the email sent out by Orange, but at least it has given white iPhone 4 hopefuls a little glimmer of hope.

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