Verizon iPhone 4: Release Date Update and Sprint Hints

By Alan Ng - Aug 12, 2010

We have yet more information on the Verizon iPhone to share with you now, as John Gruber is back with some more teasers on the highly anticipated device. This time, he states that a CDMA version of the iPhone is now in the process of engineering tests.

According to this report from Engadget, Gruber has once again mentioned that the CDMA iPhone device is being codenamed ‘N92’, which we already knew about, thanks to the leaked iPhone 4 prototype saga.

Furthermore, the Verizon iPhone 4 could now land as early as January after ‘design verification tests’ have finished, and that an announcement could be made at Verizon’s CES press conference.

Then again, Gruber points out that the CDMA rumors could also point in the direction of a release on Sprint, while the iPhone 4 could just be heading to international CDMA carriers too – putting Verizon rumors firmly to bed.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Verizon will announce it at CES 2011 or not?

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