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Samsung Epic 4G: Reserve for in-store pickup

Sprint know how popular the release of their new Samsung Epic 4G will be, which is why they have put aside a limited amount of handsets so that you can reserve online for in-store pickup. This will come in handy, as we know that this Galaxy S range of phones will sell out quick.

There are two simple steps that you need to do, the first is to find a store that has an Epic 4G available, then just provide your contact details so Sprint can set one aside for you – its as simple as that.

Please remember that there are only a limited number of handsets, so you had better be quick. Sprint will not require any deposit, so the offer just gets better and better. The carrier knows that they need to go the extra mile for their customers, as they have felt a bit letdown with the stock issues with the HTC EVO 4G.

The EVO was the very first 4G handset, while the Epic is the second. The latter is considered to be the QWERTY slide-out equivalent version of the former. Make your choice HTC EVO 4G or Samsung Epic 4G?



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