Netflix Down: Are you Experiencing Login Problems?

We are hearing reports that some Netflix users are experiencing problems when trying to login to their Netflix accounts, I have checked the home page and it seems to be loading, however I do not have an account to login with.

We cannot pinpoint the problem at the moment, however some users are reporting that when they try to rent a film or watch a show they get an error message saying the Netflix website is temporarily unavailable.

Apparently Netflix’s engineers are currently trying to fix the problem, therefore the issue could be resolved very soon, if you need to speak to someone from Netflix you can on 1-866-636-3079.

We would appreciate your feedback, therefore we have set up a very simple poll, please take the time to answer the question below, feel free to share exactly what problems you are having in the comments section.

[poll id=”209″]

Source: SpreadIt



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