Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta: Windows 7 Multi-Touch Feature Added

By Jamie Pert - Aug 12, 2010

Mozilla have released a new beta version of its popular web browser that comes complete with the addition of multi-touch support for Windows 7.

Incase you are wondering what multi-touch is, it is a feature for those of you who have a multi-touch compatible monitor that gives the user the power to zoom, rotate and cut web pages with your fingers.

You can even customize your experience by altering your personal interface.

Mozilla has gone all out with the latest version, with hundreds of bug fixes including the browser’s Javascript handling functions.

A Mozilla blog post reads:

“The Feedback tool has been a great success, and our half-million testers submit approximately 3,500 pieces of feedback every day.”

“We need your help! If you’re enjoying using the Firefox 4 Beta, tell your friends, get them set up and don’t forget to point out the Feedback button.”

Have you tried Firefox 4 Beta yet? What are your impressions of the multi-touch feature?

You can download the beta via Mozilla here.

Source: IT Pro

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