Motorola Droid: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Verizon sets deadline

By Alan Ng - Aug 12, 2010

Following on from our earlier article which informed you that an OTA update to Android 2.2 Froyo is now rolling out to customers with an original Motorola Droid handset, we have now obtained a deadline date, which Verizon are aiming towards.

As reported from Phandroid, a leaked document we’ve seen via Droid-Life, confirms that Verizon are aiming to roll out Android 2.2 to all Droid users by Wednesday August 18th.

The document states that the rollout process started on August 3rd, and will continue to do so OTA until the 18th. If you don’t want to wait around for the notification to appear, you can also manually download the Froyo update.

Full instructions on this can be found over at Phandroid. To all those who already have Froyo up and running on your Droid – was it worth waiting for?

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  • Oops i sneezed and my battery drained! I have had my x on my

    charger since i got it. Now my charger disappeared and i am using my ipad plug. Probably hiding from overuse!


  • bre

    dont update it. its horrible.

  • Silverbridge

    I got my update the other day for my droid…but, while it does work faster…flash is not working on my phone…any ideas?

  • Mike

    Still waiting NYC!!!

  • Frankly-It Sucks

    4) Corporate Calendar? GONE! – and, whatever another person said – I'm not seeing an option to "add multiple calendars" – unless you mean Google-only calendars. Even still – I must be missing something.
    5) mysteriously, my connectivity – not 3G, but my regular phone's connectivity has decreased. I used to get 4-5 bars at my desk in the office, right after the update – one, maybe two bars … sometimes three …
    6) Even the cradle I bought to use as a charger/clock at work seems to not function correctly and lags
    7) yes … L-A-G-S … overall, even AFTER I've uninstalled a bunch of stuff that USED to get closed with my task manager — 2.2 buuuuurrrrrnnnnnns through the battery juice! I used to go 2-3 days between charges (i'm not a heavy user) – since update yesterday, I've charged it THREE times! – that's THREE times in 24 hours!!

    oh – and for those wondering, no — I'm not rooted, never have been.
    And – yes – this was the OTA version.

  • Frankly-It Sucks

    ummm … stupid question, but how to you "go back" to 2.1?
    2.2 is horrible!
    1) flash – "almost works" … laughable – who gives a crap?
    2) task managers no longer kill tasks (IE: any associated services are not killed, just the immediate background process = battery dies … FAST!
    3) the new launcher is okay, but I loved HelixLauncher – which is now a fail with 2.2. Just hitting "home" FC's it.

  • dawain

    My wife got her update last night…i hating cause i have the incredible and i want mine…lol
    Greenville SC

  • Chloe

    Downloaded 2.2, error showed up on my phone. Now it wont turn on. It's acting like it's been damaged, but I didn't do anything to it besides install 2.2. Now my dorid is completley fried. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • john

    Funny, the Android 2.2 update Verizon pushed gives you tethering thru usb. However you have to pay for it and is expensive and not unlimited. Seriously? You can already tether unlimited with some android apps for free. Are they crazy or just money hungry?

  • Nani26

    Well, today is August 19th and I am still waiting. All the other Droid users that I know of have had their Froyo update. 🙁

  • Sunshine

    PHX still waiting

  • domingo

    19th and still waiting. All these release dates and confirmation of ota updates are worthless

  • EastBayJ

    Got the update in East Bay area in CA for Motorola Droid… The flash app says it will be available for download in the marketplace by the end of summer, but is not included with 2.2. Hang in there people! All apps work perfect so far on the new froyo!

  • jerryvvvv

    I have a droid x so i wont see it for a while “bleh” anyways my wife got hers this morning @ 5:43 a.m. but we went through it loved it so far can’t wait to get my update!

  • adryan

    What i want to know is it worth upgrading. Ive been the Ultimate droid rom which has 2.2 intergrated but not the official one. i got a notification for a system udate at 1230am this morning. So does that update have the hardware acceleration for the droid and for the flash or willl this official update be intergrated into furtther roms?

  • GRgirl

    We are in W. Michigan and my husband got his update yesterday, and I still haven't. Frustrating. We are on the same plan too.

  • Pennsy

    Nothing still. Verizon store said “end of summer ” and so I continue to wait like a good little mushroom

  • unhappycarrot

    So I just got off the phone w/VZW tech suppport and I asked her if they did infact set a “deadline” of August 18th to update ALL customers w/ the original Droid to Android 2.2 (froyo). She stated they haven’t set a deadline, but the OTA update will continue to be pushed to ALL customers w/the droid until the end of August. They sure do take their friggin time don’t they???

  • Matt

    I got the update in NJ, my phone was dead for two days, and when I plugged it into USB to change, it came up. As I was updating, the cable came out, and my phone died again, halfway through installation. Took it to Verizon and they tried to recover it and everything. They then had to send me a new phone 3 days later. Its all activated and everything, but now Im waiting for the OTA again 🙁

  • GroundHog, just south of you in Newport. Still no dice. Was one of the last ones to get the 2.1 update too.

  • JVZ

    In Western New York and still do not have froyo. 🙁

  • muranger

    Totally awesome, well worth the wait. no flash officially but that was resolved just by searching and loading a beta, works great.

  • GroundHogGolfer

    Still waiting in Detroit…

  • Darth Nader

    My wife and I both got our phones the same day. I have ben going nuts for this update. The wife has no clue about it and could careless. That’s right she got the update today and I did not. Verizon you suck! Update them all not just one per family or plan.

  • nrk

    I have a friend who is with sprint, he received the 2.2 update a week and a half ago. I emailed Verizon and asked when we would get it and was told that the update would be completed by Aug 13th. Last time I checked today is the 14th and still no update.

  • Marc

    I'm also in Maryland and I'm still waiting for some froyo love. I've seen where froyo is supposedly should be on all motorola droid phones by August 18th…today is August 14th! I want my froyo love already! I'm past being patient already. I'm not into all that rooting etc…don't want to brick my phone. Wish this upgrade would hurry up and get to my phone already.

  • No update here in MA.

    Does anyone know how they schedule the roll out? Is it by state, handset serial number or what? I'm curious, but encouraged to see some people actually getting it.

  • Marc

    I'm in Montgomery County Maryland and I still haven't seen the upgrade to Froyo (Android 2.2). I have the Motorola Droid (original) running 2.1 build number ESE81. I want some Froyo love already! I've gone beyound being patient and don't want to brick my phone by doing it manually. I hope I get Froyo soon!

  • Exurius

    I hear a lot about Flash not being in the market yet. This is true but you should be able to goto and down load the mobile player from there.

  • unhappycarrot

    I rooted, got my froyo w/flash and wifi tether. Eff waiting on big red to send it out OTA. Love my updated droid, but I really only needed one feature to make me all warm and fuzzy inside, the option to set a pin or password to unlock phone! Wo0t for no more grease trail!

  • Jason

    In the SF Bay area…nada..

  • victoria

    Still anxiously waiting in The Bay Area in CA

  • Dannyjosf

    Thanks Verizon not verizon, How about talking to your customers who put out big green to keep you in business. Bought my droid las christmas, love this device its awesome. But the waiting for android 2.2 has been a big dissapointment. Still waiting for my update in San Francisco. BTW Sprint beat you on this one.

  • ramblur

    I manually updated to FRG01B over a week ago and things have been running great. It's been almost like buying a new phone! I did have to reinstall Touchdown but other than that I suffered no glitches. Yes people, USB tethering *is* included , check your settings options! Alas, no hotspot that I can see though.

  • Gene

    I dont think 2.2 on Droid is too buggy. I've only had two problems with it and both are wireless related (802.1x and Ad-Hoc WEP) and are Froyo-wide, not just on the Droid. Everything else has been amazing.

    IMHO many things have been improved, including facebook sync, which works way better, and battery life is much improved.

    I also got the Flash Beta… it work well, but dont expect good battery life or decent performance without root and overclock… also Hulu doesnt work (Hulu's side.. on purpose).

    Overall much better IMHO.

  • todd

    Stood waiting in Virginia

  • no name

    Verizon never publicly stated the release date of FROYO till just recently, everything else was leaked internal documents, they are internal for a reason. No matter how many time or how long you test something they will always be a bug or glitch to be fix (origanal froyo halt)….also GOOGLE rolls out the update.***also FLASH PLAYER works perfect once you have FROYO download "adobe flash showcase" then visit this site to download the flash beta file (link was hosted @ droid life) then flash will work on phone. release of company sensitive info only hurts the customers because just like the old saying gos "you cant handle the truth.

  • Matt

    Still waiting in Rhode Island. What us taking so damn long. Put the update on the Market and get it done.

  • QinMD

    still waiting in Maryland

  • utah

    Don't bother going back. If you installed a non-Verizon version, you may as well go all the way and install Sapphire 1.0. It's a mod of Froyo that is much less buggy, faster, more features, just better.

  • montana

    you can also manually download the Froyo update. not good idea. pandora, gallery don't work properly , flash is not even worth the time.i reboot my droid at least 3 times a day because its froyo, so i get get a frozen screen …dont do it…. how do do go back to 2.1 not rooted?

  • suki

    still waiting in southern California!

  • I.S.

    Worth the wait? Not really. Nothing wrong with it, so far and very intuitive to this droid owner. Which is pretty much what makes it kinda blah. It's like 2.1 but with a few new tricks in its sweetheart. There is a sense that these features were right there all the time. I'm not unhappy with it, but given the (hype? frenzy? driodgasm? these all seem too strong so let's say) coverage ahead of Froyo, I expected to be wowed.

    My review, 2.2 makes your moto-droid more moto-droid like, which is pretty awesome when you think about it. But over time you probably won't think about it. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad think. I'm not in marketing.

    (Ordered Droid on release day. Got Froyo Aug 11 about mid day. N. Alabama)

  • erin

    I got mine

  • Shigity

    Waiting in NJ/NYC

  • dm98

    In MI My wife got the ota update 2 days ago. Nothing for me yet.

  • Scott

    In Central NY we have not seen the OTA come thru as of yet. I downloaded it yesterday and there are good and bad things. It seems a little quicker on somethings but I have had a lot of force close issues since putting 2.2 on my Droid. This whole change with the Silent/Vibrate thing was just DUMB!! Why fix something that was not broken… and What the hell is going on with Flash now??? I bought my Moto Droid for all off the wonderful things that it is suppose to do not most of the things it can do and we are still developing the rest. Come on Google and VZW lets get this right!?! and get it right NOW!!!!

  • MammothGulch

    I don't understand how they can DISABLE wireless router function and tethering when PdaNet works perfectly???!!! That's a Sham right there, worry free guarantee? bull. but its better than ATT

  • Craig

    I did the install with the flash update myself and it's been bug free, running like a champ! Love it!!!

  • jRAM

    Got mine last night! Its definately worth the wait, it runs a lot smoother, less bugs and I haven't had a force close at all since the update. GO DROID!!!! with froyo!

  • forbiddendonkey

    Still waiting in Tennessee. Froyo where are you?

  • Holkster

    In the great state of TX near Austin and Froyo is still a nogo for me. Been waiting but might go root now since I do not want to wait untill next week since I will be on the road. Wish big Red would have created a site you could go to while connected to WiFi and start the OTA process on your own.

  • John

    I bought the droid the day it came out…Still waiting…Cali

  • boxermom

    It's cool so far, but I really wanted Flash player so updating in advance of the OTA really was not as satisfying as I had hoped;(

    • Mick Northrop

      Not sure it makes a difference whether you wait anyway. I read where you will need to download a flash app from Market Place to get flash to work and the app isn't available yet. WTF?

    • avonmex

      That’s because flash was still beta when you got your froyo, manual or ota. Either way its supposed to be released today (the 18th) officially. So I’ve heard anyways.

  • Rob

    Ridiculous that Verizon doesn't let it's loyal customers know "what's up" with this update!!
    Still waiting here on "Planet Houston", TX…

  • CYPjus4mee

    Still waiting….I'd love 2 have my Frozen Yogurt sometime soon. My friend got hers yesterday, and she only got her Droid maybe 3days b4 myself…we are both in Detroit. Whts up with that??…Am I the tru stepchild or wht ):

  • rickybobby

    Hope this one is real

  • Tyler

    haha, by the 18th, yeah right. we've been hearing about it being available now for several months, with Verizon pushing it back over and over. for those of us who were once considered valued customers who bought the original DROID, it isn't likely we'll get any updates after 2.2. sadly, they've pushed us out of the way, even though we are the reason they're doing as well as they are now. that said, yes, 2.2 is worth it. it's faster, cleaner, more intuitive (multiple calendars in one app – imagine that!), and Flash almost works.

    • droid fan

      so if you bought a car new, and they came out with a new updated model, does that mean since you were loyal and made your car pmts on time you should be allowed to take it in and get all the upgrades for free? TSK TSK. think before you post.

      • droid user 2.0

        Droid fan…that is hardly the same thing. It’s like having to buy a new PC everytime windows updates it’s features. We’re not talking about a new operating system…we’re talking about open source technology that is part of the concept of what android is all about….no one is complaining about not getting the better hardware offered in newer gadgets for free…maybe you should think before you chastise other posts.

      • Rob

        C’mon dude! Let’s get this in perspective, my “original” Droid is a whopping 7 months old…hardly “last year’s” model and still well within a reasonable time period for support, including OS upgrades.

  • Meaty

    NO…waaaaaaay too buggy! I want my 2.1 back 🙁

    • Ranko

      Yeah I know! And the fact that there is no volume button setting to turn off the ring/vib without going to the settings and turning off the vib. that is annoying!!

      • Jess

        I really can't believe they took the option away to have vibrate and silent modes activated easily by the side volume control! I wonder if there's an app that will bring that 2.1 feature back!