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Monitor Your Computer Remotely: SniperSpy for Mac

Do you worry what your children are viewing online or who they may be chatting too? Now there is a way to keep a check with the remote surveillance of your Mac after the launch of SniperSpy.

Released by Retina-X Studios LLC, the software lets users silently watch the entire screen of their children’s or employee’s Mac instantaneously from any location. The surveillance system displays logs of chat conversations, keystrokes, and other activities.

Once the software is set up it runs in the background with no mention of it shown within the computer. Activity logs and screenshots are uploaded to a secure website so the customer can log on and view from any web browser, including Smartphone’s. The program also doubles as a way for the user to backup their own important work data.

SniperSpy is also available for Windows. Click here to find out more and to purchase.



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