Invisibility Silk Cloak: Range of uses

Do you remember that Invisibility Silk Cloak that we all see Harry Potter use? Well it seems that scientists have managed to create one, which they have covered in gold. The new technology will not work as easily as the one used in Harry Potter.

However, scientists based in Boston believe that they will be able to use the technology on much smaller wavelengths, which is what will make the cloak invisible. If they can pull it off, then we could see a range of uses for this – such as defense and biomedicine.

The reason why silk was used is because it can interface closely with our body. The technique used to do this was by taking a piece of silkworm silk and then covering it with 10,000 gold resonators, so when it is bombarded by terahertz waves, it passes directly though it.

There are certainly a number of uses for this new technology, but we are certain that the U.S. Defense Agency will want to use it, as it could be ideal for combat. Could we actually have a truly stealth fighter plane that will not only be invisible to the radar but also to the human eye as well? For more details visit Sify News.



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