Google Doodle: Celebrating The Wizard of Oz 71st anniversary

Google are celebrating the 71st anniversary of classic movie The Wizard of Oz by changing the doodle on the Google home page. The doodle features the scene from the movie when Dorothy, the scared lion, Scarecrow, and Tin man first see the capital city of the Land of Oz – Emerald City -, and the Google logo can be seen in the background.

The film was based on the children’s story by L. Frank Baum, and went on to become one of the best known films of all time. According to Wikipedia the film only made a small profit at first due to its large production budget. When the film was first started to be shown on TV in 1956 it went on to became the most watched film in history according to the Library of Congress.

The Wizard of Oz has got several Academy Award nominations, and won the award for Best Original Song for “Over the Rainbow”. Google have changed the doodle a few times recently to celebrate birthdays and events such as the World Cup Final, and back in May marked the 30th anniversary of iconic arcade game Pac-Man.

What has been your favorite Google Doodle so far?



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