BlackBerry Torch 9800: Review and Camera Test

By Jamie Pert - Aug 12, 2010

Thinking of upgrading to the BlackBerry Torch 9800? If so, you may be interested to see how good it really is, if so you should seriously consider checking out IntoMobile’s fully detailed review which can be found here.

In this article we will highlight some of the main points raised, on the whole it seems as if the Torch 9800 is a success story, however it is far from flawless.

Let’s start with the hardware, the sliding keyboard mechanism is said to be smooth and solid, also it is said to combine some of the great design ideas seen in previous BlackBerrys such as the Strom 2. The physical QWERTY keyboard is said be well-design, but takes a bit of getting used to, also the virtual QWERTY keyboard is said to be sharp and responsive.

In terms of software OS 6.0 is said to be a huge improvement, that said it will have a similar look and feel to other OS versions, which mean previous BlackBerry owners should feel right at home. As you would expect OS 6.0 is not completely perfect, there is said to be a delay when using gestures, that said features such as universal search and social feeds are great.

Web browsing with the 9800’s Webkit browser is said to be a vast improvement when compared to previous BlackBerry experiences, but is not as quick as Android 2.2 devices and page rendering can be slow.

In terms of multimedia the Torch 9800 is adequate but not amazing, there are said to be improvements to the music player, picture gallery and video player. Images and videos don’t look as sharp as they would on other devices, however this is due to its 480 x 360 resolution, which sounds poor but is great for battery life.

If you are buying a BlackBerry you probably are not wanting a great smartphone for photos, therefore you probably don’t have high hopes from the Torch 9800’s camera, your expectations are correct as the camera isn’t great, especially if you are using it in low-light conditions, you can see sample photos here and here.

All in all the BlackBerry Torch 9800 seems to be a worthy upgrade for any BlackBerry owner, that said if you want a rich multimedia experience you may want an Android or iOS 4 based smartphone instead.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • anthony

    I use to own an ipone 4 and have recently switched to a bb torch best move i ever made, great for emailing and texting. i use to find the iphone such a pain to operate for emails and texting the touch screen just dosent cut it with a real keyboard way to many mistakes.
    the camera is better on the iphone lets face it we dont use it that much in business and the bb still takes a reasonable shot if needed. I mean if you want a portrait shot you would youse a top quality camera not a phone.
    overall any 1 with half a brain would buy a bb torch if you are in business so much quicker for emails and texts.
    overall 9/10

  • chewi 75

    i just bought the bb torch and personally i had the iphone before and big difference. the browser is the only thing better on the iphone, its still very good on the torch. im having some email problem however, some times it just cannot send or receive anymore. but on my sons one it dosent do that i think it is my bb that has a problem anybody ever had that before? if yes please leave a comment explaining how you got over it thx!

  • JPGridVantage

    Someone who buys a smartphone for great photos just doesn't know anything about photography. Despite the insinuations of your biased position is, the Torch is a great smart phone. Sure the display and casing are not as flashy as the iPhone and it doesn't have a front camera which I would not use anyways. But once you dig beyond the looks of the iPhone and consider what your real needs are, you will realize that theTorch is a great smartphone to do what you do 95% of the time, which is typing, texting, emailing and socializing.
    And it's as good browsing, has plenty of good apps, holds its charge much longer and won't make of you look like another trend follower.