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Verizon Motorola Droid – Android 2.2 FroYo Launched

It seems as if earlier today Verizon finally began rolling out Android 2.2 FroYo for the Motorola Droid, therefore we thought we would see whether you had received the update, if so have you experienced any problems.

A few hours ago tweets and blog posts began suggesting that FroYo for the Droid had been launched over-the-air, usually carriers update a few thousand devices at a time, so don’t worry if you have not received the update yet.

You can force your Droid to check for updates by going to menu, settings, About Phone, System updates and selecting update, if the update is available in your area for your device it should download it to your smartphone, it may be worth connecting to WiFi beforehand.

Have you received the update over-the-air? If so, did the update process go smoothly? Are you happy with the updated OS?

Source: Engadget


  • fred c dobbs

    got froyo download last night in colorado, seems to work ok, especially bluetooth, now have headset dial, BUT NO SIGN OF FLASHPLAYER…..

  • Chris

    Awful. My wife's phone turns off and on by itsself and never stops! My phone doesn't receive e-mail. Horrible

  • Tkboo

    Got update notification this morning and hit update. Four hours later screen only showed Motorola Logo. Called Verizon and they told me to go to one of their main stores as they should have a patch to fix it. Spend 1 hour with rep and they couldn't fix it. None in store so they ordered it from their warehouse I am assuming. Suppose to get it tomorrow already with Froyo installed. We will see. Meanwhile my wife also has the droid and I told her not to update it until she gets home from her business trip. She cannot afford to be without a phone.

  • fred

    still waiting for my update. in the store was told the 13th, then customer service said the 16th. then on the 17th the customer service rep basically told me that if i understood how it worked, i'd be more patient with the roll out… but no he couldn't even guess when it would get to the phone. so… nearly midnite on the 18th and no update. grrr….

  • bill

    wife got her update sunday.went great. phone began locking up. verizon no help. phone froze. local stores have no droid phone.had to wait 2 days for reconditioned phone has not gotten update and i think i am going to just not get it. waiting for class action suit against motorola and verizon for putting out this illegal phone. you need to have it in hand and push buttons to make or recieve calls. the eliminated bluetooth voice activation. this is illegal and i will wait for contract end and go to another service. too bad, verizon was once a good customer orientated company.

  • Sir Deatheat

    So far, I have been kinda disappointed with the new OS. My over the air update went smoothly however I am experiencing some problems. My Motorola Droid tends to restart or shutoff by itself when I run the Pandora Radio app. Also I am very sad that you have to pay Verizon a monthly fee for the tethering feature. I thought this service was going to be free since I am already paying for the 3G network service on my phone (29.99/month). I thought 2.2 would fix the problems 2.1 had. Hopefully they will soon. This is all I have to complain about for now. Hopefully I wont be able to post another comment in five minutes.

  • bpd606

    Just got update at 11:30 eastern and I cannot get it to open my phone app. Is anyone else having that problem?

  • cece

    Updated and SD card damaged as a result – can’t find any of the data on it (music, photos, etc)

  • blackhalk123

    Got the update last night at like midnight so far running great I wish they would release flash player for the moto droid now

  • DShaw

    Just updated. No flash support at, no wifi hotspot service. What a waste! I should have rooted so I can get these things anyway!

    • Mike

      Hulu isn't licenced for mobile devices, so try another site that plays Flash

    • giles

      DShaw you have to pay extra for the Wifi service………

  • gracieann

    just got mine, no flash player

  • EdK

    Updated this morning and things work great….faster & smoother.
    Never has so much fun with any phone before!!!

  • kdeuce30

    Just received update. However no flash player or hands free dialing

  • Alex

    Wife just got her’s, still waiting for mine to get it. Her’s is working great.

  • Venice

    Just got my update, checking out the new stuff. No problems so far.

  • guy

    No glitches yet but still no flash player, hands free dialing. No wifi hotspots. So the wait for this update for me was worthless.

    • Andrea

      You have to actually download the flash player. You can go to to download. You will have to place to file in the root of your sd card. I downloaded it and my moto droid is now running flash player 10.1

      • jerry

        Updated mine about 1/2 hour ago, so far no major hiccups….that being said almost everything that was upgraded I already had via the Android Market. One noted exception is that I DID NOT have to download flash player…. so I ask, why did youguys have to? Or am I mistaken? I am able to watch video that I was previously unable to…. not being an uber geek, I am assuming that everything is as should be……

        • Andrea

          If you go into the Market and download the Adobe Flash Showcase you can determine if you have the Flash Player 10.1. If you can view the content in the app, you have Flash 10.1, if not then you need to download the Flash Player to your phone.
          ** The Adobe Flash Showcase is NOT the flash player, it is simply a showcase of the content included in the Flash Player update.**

      • DShaw

        Andrea, I put this file in the root. What else do I do?

        • Andrea

          Once you put the file in root you should be able to open the file, it will automaticaly begin to download directly to the phone

  • Got it at midnight here in Dallas. Trying to figure out how to get flash 10.1. Looks like that might be another wait.

  • Happyguest

    There's more pages! WOOT!

    • ChidoOne

      Did you get the update over-the-air? What part of the US? Mine hasn't update, yet.


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