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Nintendo Wii: Sales in U.S. Reach Milestone

Before the release of the Wii, Nintendo were struggling to seriously to compete against Sony and Microsoft’s games consoles, however thanks to the Wii’s unique offerings it has been a huge success story.

We are now hearing that the Wii has reached some pretty sales figures, apparently 30 million Wiis have been sold in the U.S., which is a large chunk of the 70.9 million Wiis that have sold worldwide.

The Wii has been out for just 45 months, apparently these impressive sales figures mean that it is on course to surpass Sony’s 140 million PS2 sales.

Earlier on today we revealed that sources were suggesting a Nintendo Wii 2 could well be coming next year, which could well help Nintendo compete in the HD gaming market, if so the next 45 months for Nintendo could be even better than the last.

Source: InformationWeek



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