Nintendo Wii 2: Blu-ray and 2011 Release Rumors

By Jamie Pert - Aug 11, 2010

It has now been almost fours years since Nintendo released the Wii, there is no-doubt that the launch has been successful, however in my opinion it needs to be updated with a model which suits today’s high definition televisions etc.

According to a recent article posted on ITProPortal it seems as if a new Nintendo Wii could arrive in 2011 with a Blu-ray drive and 1080p output, at the moment there is no official word from Nintendo, however Vicki Blake from GirlGamersSuck claims that a reliable source has pretty much confirmed this.

Personally I think that if Nintendo were to release a Wii 2 next year the timing would be perfect, that is as long as Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Move do not completely overshadow Nintendo’s offerings.

What would you want from the Nintendo Wii 2?

Source: ITProPortal

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  • Clarkee

    the wii 2 – I so hope its not called that needs some very nifty features to complete with the future of Sony and Microsoft.

    a) better graphics, nees to rival anything coming from the two other camps for their next gen.
    b) be totally backward compatiable with Gamecube & Wii game, also Wii hardware – id be very angry to lose the use of my SNES wii controller i got from club nintendo
    c) better hard drive
    d) be able to play DS or 3DS games have been mentioned on other forums but im not too sure on this score but it is an idea
    e) DNLA needs to be a function i would love the thought of being able to play music thru my wii from my network hard drive, not to mention DivX for playing videos file etc
    f) have only one (or 2) GC controller port s but have an adaptor you can plug in to add more controllers if needed
    g) profiles for different people using the system – could be linked to controllers if you have a favourite (i use a black one my GF uses a white one all the time, so profiles could then properly hold game records for multiply users on one system & be portable to use mii profiles on your friends system via controller upload or via friend codes exchange
    h) yes friend codes needs to be addressed

  • john


  • Internal Hard Drive would be nice. The limitations of the scarce amount of system memory and having to rely on SD cards and those shortcomings is annoying. Also, some games take SDHC while others don't. That combined with 1080 output and a Blu-ray drive would make Wii 2 a worthy competitor.

  • JackCayman

    What I would want from a wii 2 is improoved graphics and more good games.
    NOT THAT IM SAYING THAT I DONT LIKE THE WII BECAUSE I LIKE THE WII ALOT. but the wii just needs to improove in graphics just a little bit and its fine. THE NINTENDO WII 2 WILL NEED MORE GAMES LIKE NO MORE HEROES AND MADWORLD!!! THOSE ARE 2 OF MY FAVORITE GAMES. and if they make a madworld 2 they need to make it in color so more people will want to play it. and not to mention a sequel to metroid other m. IF NINTENDO KEEPS THAT UP THEN THEY CAN TOP SONY AND MICROSOFT!

  • mike

    i have a ps3 an the move an it kicks ass! maybe ill take a look at the wii 2 if it kicks ass but i doubt it

  • Jose Pedro

    Wii is the best in motion controll of course, we need more titles using the great Wii motion plus! For graphics I´m ok with my Xbox 360 Elite. 😉

  • SomeDude

    It definitely needs a normal control option for games.. No one wants every game to be motion controlled especially when you just want to relax and play some video games. This is what is so good about the ps3 move

  • kotiks

    what would i want for a wii 2? – >>nothing… i had a wii once – sold it after a couple of months – and i don't need more than what i have now – a ps3 and the move!