New iPod Touch 4G: Specs and Release Date Rumors

We have some interesting new details on the iPod Touch 4G to share with you now, as it has been rumored that the unannounced device could be landing as early as in a few weeks time.

As reported from Engadget, fresh information has come to us courtesy of Daring Fireballs’ John Gruber. Aside from revealing an earlier than expected launch, Gruber also thinks that the iPod Touch will come with dual cameras and a Retina Display, as seen in Apple’s iPhone 4.

We’ve previously told you that the new iPod will have iPhone 4 features, so these latest comments from Gruber add further fuel to the speculation that the iPod Touch 4G is going to be the best yet.

Would you buy a new iPod Touch if it comes equipped with a Retina Display and dual cameras? We’ll let you know once we hear more details on this story.


  • malandi

    hey guys i donno when they will release ipod 4g…..anyone knows?

  • Kanis116

    So its confirmed that the next ipod (ipod 4g) WILL have a camera but from alot of things i read it will have a low resolution camera even though apple is suppose to be top of the line… ._.

  • AppleRocks

    I really would love if it had Att 3G option or no Att 3G capability.

  • David

    OOOO Wowwweeee,, 16gb of music woooh that's like 10 minutes of music to listen to woooh I can hardly wait lol… If you haven't notice my sarcasm yet than you obviously are a noob or a f**khead Apple fan boy.. But anyways I'd rather keep my couple of hundred bucks on a device that can hold 160gb's of music, which would be sayyy,, an ipod classic which I'll still continue to use.. whats the point of buying a device which can only hold 16 to 32gb of music which is also split into half music, half video capacity. Than to carry around a 100gb's of music/video which can last you for weeks on end with out playing the same play list or song's. I seriously don't get apple sometimes.. I thought their motto was to think bigger and better.. Sounds like they're thinking smaller and older.. Come on apple bring a 100gb+ Ipod touch to the market with all the fancy crap, than you've got me with my hand in my pocket looking for the cash..

    • Ryan

      Ya good one, 100+gb of flash memory is very expensive. Too expensive for a consumer market. So before you start acting like a fag learn about the tech your dissing. solid state memory is getting cheaper but its not cheap yet. You would be paying significantly more than your 160gb ipod classic. Think before you speak and no one will think your a dick.

      • David

        Mate I seriously don't give a shit about your opinion and yes I am up to date on all I.T discussions in technology, stating the reason why I'm on a technology website you douche.. And also saying I'm acting like a fag is just immature and not really a insult if I was one.. Rumors have actually gone around that apple might actually be bringing a 128gb ipod touch to the market. I seriously don't give a shit about the cost if there were 2 size versions offered for the cheap skates who have small music 16gb library's and the costly market for the ones who actually want to use the portable music library and pay good money for a larger storage. I believe your in that majority of people who think they would prefer a light saber phone instead of using the phone to call people, in which it was intended to do. Same applies to the portable storage music market that Apple is selling. Either have more storage to buy or import music to, or go to the fancy wifi, screen, 3g and 2 song portable music players. I would prefer a upgraded touch screen device that plays music and video with high capacity of storage and battery life all in the size of your pocket.. Other devices like an iphone, ipad or macbook is ready for that other shit like 3g or wifi internet browsing with music storage..

  • Lone Wanderer

    They barely have enough retina displays for the iPhone, and they still have to make the white one… No their not going to waste the screens for iPods.

  • Zach

    If it has facetime and retina display I will totally get it. I also think that it will have a variation of the A4 processor, which this would of couse greatly improve game performance.

  • yea I hope it comes with two cameras front and back cameras. I hope it comes with atleast 16gb or 32gb or more. Man this next gen. iPod touch will be the best.

  • The Man

    I hate niggers.

  • dr3d

    John Gruber says a single sentence in a passing, comment and the ENTIRE WEB thinks this is 'LOTS OF RUMORS' about a new iPod .. lets just wait and see shall wee

  • bdcaboe

    My ipod 3G took an accidental bath in a bucket of water, and the Motherboard is DOA. I've been waiting & waiting and waiting……….Yes, the day it is available!

  • Ipod4g

    yea i would

  • hopeful

    Will ipod Touch 4G have a 3G version? If yes, I'll certainly get it instead of getting iPhone4 to surf internet on the go.. I don't need another phone as I already have one.

  • reneeswifts

    Actually, sources of eictric came from a Brazillian site and claims are rising that an event will be upheld this month. Which is a bit too early. iPod Touch 4 Reactions.

  • Ahmad

    Well i pursched the 3g one in december, IF theres a way that apple will make a trade in for the ipod 4g, i would get it only if its under 100 bucks on top of thee trade!

  • I would buy it, if this thing is true (I have heard several rumors about this, so I don’t think its a joke but anyway) I would surely buy one, hope this is true,

    can’t wait to the reveal date

  • AintTellin

    Heck yeah.

  • Brice

    Heck Yes! Def if it has a retina display, maybe if it dns't!

  • Charlie

    YES! i defantly would! i heard that they will drop the 8gb and bring in a 16gb.
    if they do that i will buy one.

  • drewdown

    iphone features without crappy ATT service? that's a no brainer, of course i want this device!

  • John

    hell yes…i will buy it if it has a Retina Display and dual cameras

  • Dan

    YES! This is the touch I've been waiting for… hope the rumors are right!

    • dsafasgas



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