Motorola Droid 2 – Quadrant Benchmark – Fastest Android Smartphone?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 11, 2010

If you have been looking for an excuse to buy the Motorola Droid 2 which is available online later today and in Verizon stores tomorrow we have some great news, it looks as if the Motorola Droid 2 is perhaps the fastest Android smartphone yet.

A recent photo posted on Droid-Life shows the Droid 2 soon after running the Quadrant benchmark, the device was taken straight out of the box running Android 2.2 and was not modified in anyway, the benchmark score it got was higher than any other Android device had scored previously.

Slightly behind the Droid 2’s impressive score was the Nexus One (Running Android 2.2), closely followed by the Motorola Droid X and then the Samsung Galaxy S, obviously one benchmark test doesn’t prove that the Droid 2 is faster than its competition, however it is a sign that the hardware and software is performing well together.

Below we have embedded the photo of the benchmark results, it is quite interesting to see just how much better the Nexus One performs with Android 2.2.

Source: Droid-Life

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  • NexusVibe

    My Nexus One Froyo smokes my Vibrant 2.1 with oclf on the cpu memory and i/o. The Vibrant scores 2500+ due to the video tests and thats where it gets its extra thousand points. Nothing yet can out do nexus with Froyo on cpu and mem.

  • I got my Galaxy S up to 2222 after rooting and one click lag fix. Surprisingly changing things within the SGS tools in terms of scheduler made it slower (1862 on Deadline and 1989 on CFQ). I am not sure I can get any better than 2222 though I am not unhappy with that! 🙂

  • yhbae

    Looks like Galaxy S rules Quadrant benchmark! According to this site, nothing comes even close to Galaxy S class phones even before Froyo. Droid X with Froyo is still far behind!

    I am a bit surprised with Droid X + 2.2 result though. Not as much improvement as I was expecting.

    Unfortunately, I only have a Nexus One. 🙁

    • johny

      nope its the customized G2

  • Truth

    2626 on vibrant 2•1 mods

  • tynen

    I just scored 2165 with my Samsung galaxy S running 2.1 with… lag fix.. pwnd! 😀

  • Towlie288

    I'm sorry, but my Galaxy S has got 2100 points with android 2.1 and the speedhack. So If anything, than the galaxy s is the fastetst phone. If you want, i can show you as many proof as you want!

  • Ron

    im waiting to get a hack to make the x faster

  • Robbery

    Waiting to see the Droid X and Galaxy S on Froyo. That's gonna be a nice shootout.

  • Weak, I got over 2100 with my vibrant, lag fix mod, set cpu 1000mhz.