Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X: Still a Need for the Verizon iPhone 4?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 11, 2010

The iPhone was once ‘the’ phone to have, but since the rise of the Google Android OS, Apple’s smartphone has slowly fallen down the pecking order — mainly due to being an AT&T exclusive among lots of other issues that have plagued the iPhone 4.

Motorola have certainly been doing a lot of hard work with their latest offspring of smartphones. Most notably the Droid 2 (with pre-sales starting today), and the Droid X which was first rumored to be the Droid 2, until that rumor was squashed somewhile ago.

Verizon also offer plenty of choice in the smartphone market, with HTC, BlackBerry and Samsung devices a plenty.

So is there a need for Verizon to obtain rights to the iPhone 4?

iPhone lovers will be glad to know that word on the street is that the iPhone 4 will be coming to Verizon sometime in January 2011.

The simple fact that is that Apple are worried that Android phones are outselling the iPhone, because they are available at almost every major phone carrier. It really does not matter what phone is better, because there is a larger scope for Android devices to sell more. But once 2012 comes along, the iPhone 4 will be available to all major carriers too, therefore they will be playing catchup with Android (and BlackBerry) devices.

Whatever happens, it surely feels as though Android is taking over as the smartphone OS to have. Whether it be a HTC, Samsung, or Motorola, it’s down to user preference. But Motorola seem to be stealing the thunder at the moment, especially with the Droid X and the Droid 2.

Motorola have even gone as far as listing the original Motorola Droid as ‘out of stock,’ along with rolling out updates for it’s exciting new OS update with FroYo 2.2.

Do you think there is any point of the iPhone 4 coming out on Verizon now?

Source: Appolicious

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