Dell Streak: Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Aug 11, 2010

Yesterday we told you the confirmed price and release date for US customers looking to pick up the Dell Streak, but now we have fresh details regarding the update to Android 2.2 Froyo – which most of you have been looking for.

As reported from BGR, Dell has now confirmed that the tablet/smartphone device ‘will’ be shipping with the outdated Android 1.6 software.

However, before you get angry – you’ll be pleased to know that the device will be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo before the end of the year according to Dell, although they didn’t give us an exact month.

Here is a message from their PR team: “We will ship [the] Streak to customers in the US with Android 1.6 and will offer an over-the-air upgrade to Android 2.2 later this year.”

So there we have it. At least 2.2 will be coming before the end of the year. Let us know your thoughts on this – are you still planning to get one?

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  • blue

    hey, i just got my streak replaced after updating to froyo , in less then 48 hrs ,
    got a new device, because , it seams the techs both @ best buy and dell support couldnt figure out what the problem is, NOW THE BEST BUY SALES AGENT IS TELLING ME NOT TO UPDATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , STATING IT MIGHT CAUSE THE SAME PROBLEM…………

  • Henry Green

    It is 2/13/ 2011 and my dell streak still hasn't been updated .The end of the year, ya right get your sources right idiot before you publish.Looking like a custom install from Modaco or the Unlocker.

  • jersey

    this phone sucks with 1.6 i should have dud more research before i went out in spent my hard earned money on a old ancient phone dress up in a new suite…. you dell guys are nothing but cons

  • StreakWI

    looks to be the 2.2 update is going the way of at&t's "3g" updates, constantly pushed back….

  • GonZo

    will andriod 2.2 come with multi touch for gaming? That and adobe and I'm good…

  • YodaKrawler

    they have one more day and then the year is up.. maybe it is going to happen new years at the stroke of midnight.. yeah right not holding my breath

  • mikeyivan

    its the last week of the year and no updates to 2.2. wtf?

  • mikeyivan

    its the last week of 2010 and no 2.2?

  • dev_null

    The end of the year DELL says… Taking bets now… Froyo b4 2011, can they handle it??

  • Scott Deagan

    I bought my Streak about 2 months ago. I love the form factor – my primary reason for purchasing it was for the big screen (my eye site is diminishing with age). The device look appealing – it's sleek and much slimmer than it looks in photos I had seen on the web, and it's no slouch with its 1GHz Snapdragon (although this CPU is at the end of its life span).

    What I don't like is the software that comes bundled with it. Android 1.6 was terrible. For me, it was the worst user experience ever (without exceptions). Also, Dell (or O2 to be more precise) released a 2.1 update – BUT NOT FOR NON-O2 CUSTOMERS! If you, like me, purchased a SIM free Dell Streak from the Dell website, then you are not entitled to the 2.1 update. I had to install an unofficial leaked beta 2.1.

    Android 2.1 on the Streak is MUCH better, but it's still plagued with bugs and actually removes some very useful features and functionality. I am running build 6941, and here are the most annoying problems I experience day-to-day:

    1. Inability to reliably send emails from the native bundled GMail application. I try to send something, the email goes to the outbox, but the status remains "sending" for hours, sometimes day. This happens with most emails I try to send, making GMail too unreliable for me to use. I installed K9 Mail to resolve this issue (can't "search" for emails with K9).

    2. Answering calls is unreliable. Sometimes my Streak is ringing, but I can't find a slide to answer the call. Sometimes (but not all the time) if I go into the Phone app (the icon for which is on my home screen) the "answer" button will be displayed.

    3. When answering a call in Landscape mode, rotating it to Portrait mode will mis-align the components on the screen (the hangup button is incorrectly placed and overlaps something else). Although not a big problem, it's a very annoying problem which makes the device feel like a prototype running beta (or alpha) software.

    4. Contact shortcuts will lose information on the desktop. When I place a shortcut to instantly call or SMS my favourite contacts on the screen, they will (within a day) lost the contacts name that is usually placed at the bottom of the contact, replacing it with "contact" or "shortcut", and will drop the contact's photo.

    5. Portrait mode. No, I wouldn't mount my TV on the wall in portrait mode, but I would like my phone to have to option to be used in portrait mode.

    6. The text caret/cursor often disappears from input text boxes (views).

    7. WiFi connectivity problems. I attach to a WiFi router, I expect the phone to remember the credentials for the router and to automatically connect whenever I'm in range. However, I'm often finding myself going in to the settings and manually selecting the WiFi I want to connect to because of some "error trying to connect" that occurs when it tries to connect automatically.

    8. GPS is flakey. I find it very difficult to find "current location" as it appears like the GPS has trouble locking on to a satellite. This is only me guessing, but the satellite dish appears at the top, flashes for ages, then I'm displayed some kind of error message about GPS not being able to find my current location.

    I should repeat that I'm running build 6941, and that this is NOT an official release of 2.1 for the Streak. Still, I was so disappointed with 1.6 that I was driven to void my warranty and risk bricking my handset for a beta. I actually prefer the buggy 2.1 I installed over the factory default 1.6.

    Now that Dell have announced they will be releasing a 7-inch and 10-inch tablet within the next few months, I have a feeling that support/updates for the 5-inch Streak is going to take a back seat while resources are used for these new models.

    It is a shame, because like a say, the physical unit itself is gorgeous – it's slim and beautiful (I get so many comments when I use it in public). It's such a pity the device is marred by an antiquated version of Android (if you have a SIM free Streak you purchased directly from Dell), or a buggy customized version of 2.1.

  • Anthony

    I just got my Dell Streak a week a go. It is the best phone I have in years. It does fit in my pocket, and it is thin. I hope that I don't drop it. I love it. It come with 1.6, and it works just fine. I rather wait for the 2.2 and skip the 2.1 version because I am afraid of the bug. I hate bugs. Patience is a virtue. It gives me the opportunity to practice this virtue. Besides I can surf internet all day with version 1.6 just fine using the $30 unlimited data plan with AT&T. Dell Streak rules the day as long as it has solution to upgrade OS to 2.2.

  • Ernie

    Love 1.6…..will wait for 2.2….all I want is Flash to play Hulu and other network video shows.
    DFoes not hurt that the reviews on the web have proven a great incress in speed over other lower version with same eq: spes

  • JGW

    Got my streak a week ago …. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Why all the negative reviews – I hear the UK folks got 2.1 – anyone know if we can crib a copy and update in the US?

  • Mike

    Got my Dell Streak August 14th! Had some fun with it. Now I'm longing for the OS update. Because web browsing without Flash is a drag. and people need to know that the ATT market is weak at best.

  • alphateam

    An OS upgrade would be ideal…I have the US Streak and the1.6 is very ilimited

  • UNF

    Dell really have made a proper pigs ear of this product launch, and their refusal to provide any but the most inane info on future plans/timescales is the cherry on top which causes many to back away before stretching their plastic to cover the hefty price tag. It should have been released with Android 2.2 and actual marketing. Despite all this, the device itself is the ultimate geek love-toy, if a little fragile for rufty-tuffty-stuffty.

    PS: link to Streak 2.1 ROM –

  • eve

    which site did u get it from

  • Spook

    Just upgraded to unofficial 2.1 on my Streak and it is much faster, has much improved keyboard, brilliant camera and gallery apps. Also I can now enjoy smooth live wallpapers. When I first got this phone/tablet 2 months ago I have been wondering ever since if I’d made a mistake – with this update I can can finally say that it is a great product….roll on 2.2.

  • ecko

    Got my dell streak for about 2months. Just updated to unofficial android 2.1which is much better, they have solved some bugs, and finally i got comfy qwerty keyboard while typing in landscape mode. Phone is faster and has some more graphics. Just waiting for 2.2 with its flash player. Had installed it on 2.1 but apparently it doesnt work on all 2.1 phones, but it does work on htc phones. Waiting for smart guys to hack 2.2 😉

    • tim

      I have a dell streak and am forever defending and promoting it to fad loser i phone 4 users who just follow the trend. I would love to find out how to get the 2.1 version just to put the last nail in the coffin. Can any 1 help

      • Sean

        Go into settings>>About Phone, way at the bottom, and Update is the first item there.
        Just be carefull, there is a big bug on the 2.1 update, it will no longer sync with your computer, other then that it is a brill update, Screen slide smoother, windows close smoother, you can now see the benifits of the snapdragon chip. Keyboard is much better as well.

        Good luck

  • Roy

    I have had a Streak for around 2 months now and it is a fantastic product love it with 1.6 will be even better with 2.2. You can see what picture you are taking!! If it has a big pink thing in the screen, move your finger. Why would yo want to use it in portrait, do you stand your wide screen tv on its end?

  • Timmy

    Thought about getting one but after using one for almost a month, I'm going with something else. Dell needs to rethink the arrangement and functionality of their hardware buttons. The camera lens is poorly placed on the back (it's easily covered with your hand) and the Home screens need to have the option to display in portrait (not everyone prefers landscape only). Maybe that last one will be fixed with the 2.2 update if not from the developer community.

    $299 is too much to pay for a very old version of Android and all its limitations (to go along with the physical ones) The whole launch has been a disaster as there are several who would say Dell's "end of the year" statement means little to nothing. Why release such a potentially great product with old software? Is Dell going to start releasing new quad core systems with TB+ hard drives, 12 GB of RAM and dual video cards preloaded with DOS or Windows 3.1?

    I'd love to have a 5" device but just not this one.