Blizzard Staying Loyal to PC Gaming

By Jamie Pert - Aug 11, 2010

Game publishing/developing powerhouse Blizzard has said that while the PC faces a lot of challenges as a games platform, it refuses to turn its back on it, following the launch of the highly anticipated StarCraft 2 late last month.

Blizzard’s VP and Managing director recently said “It’s certainly not written off by us. PC development has a number of unique challenges that console developers don’t face, but Blizzard is one of the few companies that is there making great PC games”.

He did also admit that developing for games consoles would be a lot easier, and added “We’ve spent a lot of time in development focussing on scalability, on new PC hardware and old. If you were just designing for a console it would be a much easier task.”

With Blizzards comments this could only mean one thing for us PC gamers, that is that Blizzard PC games will keep coming, bigger and better than the last, which will no doubt be re-assuring for you Starcraft and WoW fans,

Would you like to see console games developed by Blizzard?

Source: CVG

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