TorrentReactor Buys Russian Village And Provides Free Internet

According to various sources on the internet, online torrent and file sharing website TorrentReactor have allegedly bought the small Russian village of ‘Gar’ and have renamed it to the name of their website, plus giving the entire town free broadband access.

The farming village has apparently been acquired for $148,000 and did hit some hiccups at first with the Tomsk authorities, “but due to considerable donation in favor of village citizens that accompanies the deal it was resolved pretty fast.”

Figures say that the former village of ‘Gar,’ now named TorrentReacter only has three computers in the population of 214, with only one dial-up connection.

The town, which is situated next to nuclear reactors was drawn out at random by a generator, according to

It is not entirely sure what the purpose of purchasing ‘Gar’ was, but this is not the first time a torrent website has attempted a quite ridiculous purchase. In 2007, well known torrent and file sharing website ‘The Pirate Bay’ launched a campaign that attempted to purchase Sealand, a gun platform which was abandoned after WWII.

The campaign inevitably failed as they only managed to raise $20,000.

Back to TorrentReactor. It is not entirely sure if this is true or false. The website are claiming that it is indeed true, but we have seen this sort of stuff made up before, and all could be an elborate lie made up on internet forum 4Chan.

What do you make of the apparent purchase?

Source: The Epoch Times



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