The Chronicles of Spellborn: Servers Going Offline

By Jamie Pert - Aug 10, 2010

Playdom’s Chronicles of Spellborn has announced that it will be taken offline after a few years of service, the servers on which the free game is playable will be permanently shut down as of next month.

It was said in an email from a rep “Yes we do plan to close the game at the end of the month,” “The servers were down on Monday, but that was due to an unrelated technical issue; the game should be back up now until the end of this month.”

The Chronicles of Spellborn is made by the Dutch developer Spellborn Works and appeared after a long development process in 2008, but in 2009 Spellborn went bankrupt, therefore Acclaim revealed that it would remain free-to-play until a new version was redeveloped and released.

If you had an email from Spellborn we would like to hear from you and what was said in the email itself.

Are you disappointed with the decision to shut the site down? Or are you looking forward to a new pay-to-play version?


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  • gary

    I had played the game and its initial combat interface was better than about any i have seen…. it will be missed…

  • Michelle Dodds

    The players of The Chronicles of Spellborn were recently informed the game will be closing at the end of this month.

    Since Acclaim sold out to Playdom months ago our community has been ignored by all administrators/moderators/support team and have been fighting keep the game going by contacting all the companies involved.

    Acclaim did not reply to any e-mails.
    Playdom replied stating they have no involvement in the game.
    Spellborn NV did not reply.
    Frogster directed us to their German site even after being told the correspondent was English and therefore unable to use a German site.

    This latest news about the game’s closure was not received by Playdom, but by a writer who received an e-mail from Playdom informing them of this decision, this seems strange as they informed us they are not involved in the game.

    We love this game, and do not want it to end.

    The players have created a petition here to keep the game online –

    We have appealed to Playdom to review their decision but are not hopeful of a reply.

    We think the online gaming community has a right to know about how these companies treat their players.

    thank you for reading this

    player name Debbilicious
    Michelle Dodds