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Qualcomm Q4 Plans: Dual-core 1.5GHz Chip Coming

In the current mobile device market there is a lot of premise on fast processor speed and long battery life, well it looks as if Qualcomm could be headed in the right direction with their Q4 plans.

They are looking to launch a new chip by Christmas this year, this dual-core chip will feature CPU cores running at up to 1.5GHz, interestingly each core can be individually clocked, which should be great for power consumption.

This chip (known as the QSD8672) will apparently be used in smartphones, tablets and low-end laptops, and could well set the benchmark for other chip manufacturers to follow, especially as it is capable of 1080p HD video playback.

Obviously it is great to see chip Qualcomm pushing the boundaries, however I am concerned that improved clock speeds do tend to seriously lower battery life, even if each core can be individually clocked.

Would you prefer a 1GHz chip which could last three days from a single charge, or a 2GHz chip which would last up to 24 hours from a single charge?

Source: ComputerWorld


  • aberkae

    Ill take the higher clocked dual core over any lower clocked cpu, I have a car charger usb charger and an outlet charger. If it plays 1080p output via hdmi that’s sick. Can’t wait.

  • ryan

    I necessarily wouldn't say that a processor increase in speed will lower the battery time. It is impossible to see until the phone is out. The processor will run at a high speed only when it is needed. If a different manufacturing process is used, it can lower energy needs. If more items are moved onto one chip, it can lower power requirements. I have a phone with a 500 MHZ processor, and it has no better battery performance than 1 GHZ phones with the same sized battery.

    Look at the Atom processor. The most recent version is fast than the older one and has dual cores, but it uses less power. These manufacturers keep power as a high concern. I would be surprised if it fell way out of line with the requirements of the current processors. The screens usually use more than the processor. I wouldn't make any judgments one way or the other until it can be tested.

  • I'd take the 2ghz….would much rather speed over battery life….once the battery could hold out for at least a day of moderate use.

  • smarterPHONE

    id like a 2ghz phone with only 12 hours of battery life I mean my Pc is only 3ghz so smartphones are catching up! I think im guna get a smart phone insted of a laptop and a dumb phone

    • fcruz

      @smarterPHONE smartphones have a long time till they catch up to laptops. A smartphone will not replace a laptop, if you want a laptop get it. The processors on Laptops/PC's are measured differently to that of smartphones. Different generation of CPU's are also measured differently to one another e.g. a Core2duo running at say 2.8ghz is not as fast as a newer generation i7 processor also clocked at 2.8ghz.


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