Plenty of Fish Site Down Until Later Today

We reported to you yesterday that the dating website Plenty of Fish was down, but we did not know why this was. We have since had a huge response from our readers, who now inform us that a message has now appeared on the website. The reason why the service is down is due to multiple system failures, the end of the message on the POF websites reads, “Will be restored later today.”

Our readers seem to use the dating website a lot, as we have had a huge response, with many of them worried that the service will never be back up. Other users have told them to calm down as this has happened a number of times before.

You always have to laugh at what the readers have to say; one comment made said that this site going down for good could be a good thing, as it would “keep all the cheaters from cheating on the ones that love them.”

Most people seem annoyed that they are unable to view their emails; they fear that they could be missing a big opportunity. One thing is certain, this is no usual problem – we would have thought that an issue with multiple system failures would have been resolved by now.

Do you fear that POF will never be back?


  • David

    Aug 10 3:05pm PST – POF now thinks I no longer have a user account, I can get to the web page but am asked to set up a new profile. No thanks, POF, just find the old one please 🙂

  • heart broken

    What? I cannnot log in for a week…can't even get the home page up. Lonely in TO!

  • Lara

    As of 5:28 pm eastern time on 8/10, the site is down again.

  • annoyed

    down again!!!!

  • Gaius

    And down again

  • Ray

    It`s just gone again

  • sotsov

    This is a perfect example of why this site needs a complete overhaul… cheaping out on the databases and not upgrading anything to a modern style database will ultimately mean the site will collapse some day, perhaps soon… It was nice back in 2003 but now it just looks like trash. No properly resized/resampled pictures (heavily artifacted when they are resized), no fixes to the very common site formatting/style issues (bold rollover, text spilling over in to the wrong columns). etc etc etc

  • steve

    I am 49 , male, really hot and looking for a young beautiful rich woman to wisk me away. Please send a pic to this site until POF is back. 🙂

    • Fred the Cat

      Site is back down as of 5:27 PM Eastern time 08/10/2010

  • Nicci

    Hi, just to let everyone know, the site is now back up and working normally.

  • 911 Medic

    most of the features are working fine, just cant view profiles that viewed me just yet but im getting all my messages and i can search fine.

  • Listener

    can't even access the site…

  • oct

    the site is up but i cant send messages or look at profiles any1 else having this problem

  • mem

    It's is up and running, came back at approximately 11:30PM PST.

  • candace

    POF is now back on

  • justina2

    bck up n running again,this morning thank god 4 dat…………..

  • Mary Lou

    I remarked to a friend yesterday, POF is down ….this should be on national news. This is a hugh site …I imagine the members are into the millions. Yes this site being down has happened from time to time, but never so long. I am sure the withdrawal systoms must have sent many to the emergency clinic. lol

  • Guest2

    only worried as don't want to pay to join another site – plus was talking to very nice chap and never got his number!!

  • noelle 27

    Did anyone notice the mispelling of multiple (multipul) on the site is down notice? Doesn't give me much hope that it will be fixed soon. LOL

  • B;o)

    ………..Was considering leaving my messages on here today!……lol!

    Hope its back up and running today!……..x

    • Linda

      It's back up … YAY!!!!!

  • guest

    Back up and running

    • oct

      guest are you having trouble with messages and viewing profiles cuz i am?

  • Me & You

    No one is missing out because everyones site is down, the only thing missing is the site itself. ,Patience if of a virtue, hang in there folks!!

    • BWW

      The IM (instant messaging) is constantly breaking down. Everyday is the normal for instant messaging breaking down. Then for them to get it back up and running, forget that, that's another story in itself. Hint: many, many, many hours.

      Rating: terrible, old software that needs immediate change, asap!!!!!!!!!!!


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