Plenty of Fish Site Down Until Later Today

By Peter Chubb - Aug 10, 2010

We reported to you yesterday that the dating website Plenty of Fish was down, but we did not know why this was. We have since had a huge response from our readers, who now inform us that a message has now appeared on the website. The reason why the service is down is due to multiple system failures, the end of the message on the POF websites reads, “Will be restored later today.”

Our readers seem to use the dating website a lot, as we have had a huge response, with many of them worried that the service will never be back up. Other users have told them to calm down as this has happened a number of times before.

You always have to laugh at what the readers have to say; one comment made said that this site going down for good could be a good thing, as it would “keep all the cheaters from cheating on the ones that love them.”

Most people seem annoyed that they are unable to view their emails; they fear that they could be missing a big opportunity. One thing is certain, this is no usual problem – we would have thought that an issue with multiple system failures would have been resolved by now.

Do you fear that POF will never be back?

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